Due to lessen the intake of milk products i'm suffering from bone-aches .

Recommend some good stuffs .

thanks .:)

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Thanks Julie :) Much appreciate :) .. the mentioned things would be great i think .,No i go through the check-up and their wasn't any Arthritic problem (Thank God) .

Happy to hear you are arthritis free!  Hope your bones are feeling better :)

Careful on additional calcium supplements, bone ossification (build-up of calcium deposit on bone) is one side effect.  This also causes bones to ache and chronic stiffness

I agree with Julie's advice to watch out on calcium supplementation.

I heard that green leaves is rich of calcium.

For your information, I have been vegan for 13 years now, and it means that I do not consume any milk for these 13 years. And I am proud to tell you that I am very healthy, have no issue with calcium at all. I just consume a lot of green vegetables and fruits too. 

Well...first of all, please let me start off by saying the whole calcium thing is just a marketing ploy by the dairy industry.  Think about this...What other mammal consumes milk into adulthood?  And from another mammal no less?

We get all the calcium we need from green veggies and TOO much from dairy (which BTW is linked to kidney stones) So...eat them collard greens and spinach and don't worry about not getting enough calcium! ;-)


Keith is right.  The dairy industry wants you thinking i need more calcium so more milk.  WHO recommends at max 500mg for healthy adults.  EVEN As low as 200mg has been analyzed as enough in some countries.  Aim for 500mg as healthy adult for safety margin.

Too much calcium might lead to sickness, loss of apetite and, in extreme cases even to delirium and coma.

This is, however, highly unlikely to happen, if you handle the supplements responsibly. Nevertheless, I would not suggest taking ANY supplementation without a proven deficit.

I don't know what it's like where all you others live, but here in the US, among other calcium-depleting activities, people drink a lot of soda pop. These drinks contain carbonic acid, which binds to calcium, and leeches it from the human body. So, it's possible to lose more calcium than is taken in, regardless how healthy the diet may be otherwise.

Well, milk actually depleted your bodies calcium, recent studies show this... Eat chia seeds, way more calcium than the calcium content of milk.

I think that the issue of calcium is a very complex one. You need to get enough of vitamin D in the form of sunshine if possible. Otherwise, you should get it in supplementation only if your levels are low, because vitamin D is toxic if you don't need it. So if you think that your levels are low, get your blood tested before self-medicating vitamin D. I took a Vitamin D supplement that was neither fish oil or a vegan synthetic one. Mine was from mushrooms that were grown in the sunshine, so I had the benefit of getting a high quality vitamin D without the allergies that come with fish oil or lanolin.

As for the milk-calcium link, Xiao Kang, one of the moderators on this site, posted an article : http://www.trueactivist.com/harvard-scientists-urge-you-to-stop-dri...

However, at the end of the article, the last paragraph seemed to contradict the title of the article. I am copying it here :

"Further, there are numerous benefits to drinking full-fat dairy products. In it’s most pure state (raw, organic, and coming from grass-fed cows), full-fat dairy has been found in research to potentially promote heart health, control diabetes, aid in vitamin absorption, lower bowel cancer risk, and even aid in weight loss. But while pure dairy could promote your health, conventional dairy may prove damaging."


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