Due to lessen the intake of milk products i'm suffering from bone-aches .

Recommend some good stuffs .

thanks .:)

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I think that lack of calcium can be a major health issue for the heart and the bones, so I want to be sure I have enough, but too much can cause calcium deposits. So I have not completely given up on dairy. Listen to your body and experiment. I have dropped eggs and cheese, but I eat 1/4 cup of goat yogurt daily and if I think that I am not getting enough calcium, I drink fresh goat's milk, 1/2 cup maximum a day. Then I feel safe, because I also eat greens, figs, beans, and other veggies and fruits have some calcium. It's all about moderation. I have heard about all of the problems with dairy, but without the yogurt, I get indigestion and I can't live like that. I have found no other solution to the indigestion either. Do your research, listen to your body, and good luck on your journey. :)

Fresh leafy greens, nuts, seeds and soy products!!

Also I'd recommend using MyFitnessPal.com to track your nutrients, I am vegan and always get 100% of my daily recommended intake of calcium easily when I eat healthy!

Thanks everyone :) Appreciate for everyone's feedback :)


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