all the folk around are damm meat eaters. how could you avoid them

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lol I don't find it necessary to avoid them... I imagine that would get lonely. Just respect them and as long as they respect you, whats wrong with that?

I think as they start to respect vegetarian, they will turn into it. you are true, being vegetarian you could live in peace.

I don't think you have to avoid them, but if you don't want to be romantic with a meat eater that's fine. I mean if someone asks you out you could just ask them if they eat meat, and say I'm sorry I can't date someone that eats meat.

how could we avoid them, they are all around, instead they are avoiding us.

i never felt that meat eaters were avoiding me, but if they are avoiding veggies and vegans, then why would you have a problem avoiding them? It should be easy.

If you really don't want to be around anyone that's not vegetarian, you could become a hermit and never go outside......

i mean how could we avoid them whether they are meat eater or not, but they could ( or are) avoid us whether we are vegetarian or not.

Unless your walking around with a flashing neon sign that says "Beware Vegetarian" I don't see how all meat eaters could know to avoid you without getting to know you well enough to know that you are a vegetarian.

Your attitude seems disrespectful so if people are avoiding you it may have nothing to do with being a vegetarian.

Sorry that i 'm being disrespectful to my human brother and sisters cause i couldn't because i think i 'm always searching how could i respect all the creature in the world. if so if i could take all my words back.

how could i avoid them, all friends brother and sister are all i got mostly are not veg., n say in front of me that being veg. is good. But when there comes eating time in group mostly they do not hesitate asking why you are veg., try this or that. That's ridiculous isn't it. So i think most of them are avoiding our vegetarian - ism.

that doesn't make any sense.

I would not avoid them. Im not about to set that standard on being with someone.  As long as they respect my eating choice I will respect theirs. Just as long as when they cook they use separate pots, pans, and mixing spoons to not cross-contiminate.  LOL

yeah but are they really so sincere 

I think its also a lack of respect for animals in their behalf... So in the end, yeah they can respect our choice, but they are still not respecting animals rights to live and let them live. It's kinda sad to see how stubborn and uncaring people can be regarding to animals rights and well being. 



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