Hello, I am Xiao Kang from Indonesia! I am the creator of this simple site.

I would like to make more vegan and vegetarian friends from all over the world!

If you would like to make friends with me, please send me a friend request.

How do you find this Vegetarian Friend forum?

Please visit my personal blog: http://www.veglov.com/

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just stumbled across this site while surfing the web...

It just popped up in my feed on Facebook. ;)

Hi I am from sunny Perth Australia, I am 41 and have been vegetarian for 26 years.  I live with my husband who is not a vegetarian, but very accepting and supportive of my lifestyle choice, and my beautiful 3 year old daughter who is a vegetarian.  I found this site on facebook.

Hi there! I'm from Sweden and I actually joined over a year ago. I actually can't remember how I stubled over this forum, but it was probably on Facebook. I log on now and then and read discussions because I think It's great to be able to go to a place where there are only vegetarians/vegans. I haven't been very active in discussions but I very much enjoy reading them. I feel like this is lika a sanctuary for me. I have no vegan friends IRL, though a few vegetarian friends. So, thanks Xiao for creating this online community!

I'm Peter from Florida. Been vegetarian for 44 years. Also started a global clean-up project. Need everyone's help. So easy.  www.onepieceprogram.com  thanks

Thank you so much for creating this website, Xiao Kang! What a wonderful way to connect with other vegetarians/vegans :)

Hi! I'm Esmeralda from Mexico, I found this site on Facebook . Thanks Xiao for creating it! It's wonderful to find a place where you can make new friends, share ideas and get helpful information.

I've been vegetarian for 1 year and feel so happy about it :)

Hi all!  I'm from northeast Pennsylvania.  Vegetarian for about 2 years.  Loving the health benefits and creating new and exciting meals, and not having to bleach all the equipment and counter tops to stop the cross-contamination from meat.  Love the smaller carbon foot print as well.  I think I can now safely call my self an environmentalist and animal lover without felling like a hypocrite.

Initially Facebook through another vegetarian or animal activist website. Then I searched and also found the Google+ page. I post for an animal sanctuary on Google+ so, wanted to be able to share easily through that social network.

Hi I am from the UK. I found this site through facebook. I have been vegetarian for 11 years

Howdy.  You're all better people for knowing me... and being vegan... but mainly for knowing me.  You're welcome.

Donations welcome... and expected. 

Been seeing your posts for quite a while and they are fantastic.

so to learn that you are indonesian making me  shocked but excited!!


I hardly ever seen anyone outspoken about being a vegan/vegetarian and none give so much thought and outspoken about it in real life !!!

so knowing one within proximity is SUPER OMG Its good to know that I am not alone !!

Thank you for making the site and cool posts :)



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