How do vegans/vegetarians feel about sharing a grill with a meat eater?

Hey guys!

Where I'm from, summer is just around the corner (hopefully!), and I'm currently living with two of my best friends, both of whom are meat eaters. One of my favorite things about the summer is the cookouts and being able to cook on the grill. Grilled veggies are so delicious! Being a new vegan, I'm just not sure how to go about grilling my veggies if my friends use the only grill we have to cook meat. Has anyone else run into this issue? I'm contemplating buying myself a cheap charcoal grill to use for myself, but is that going too far? What do you guys think?

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This has always been a tough subject for me. I do not wish to eat food off a grill that's used for meat.. Unfortunately people do harass me about it so now I avoid social gatherings like BBQ's.

I don't grill out often, but if I do I place aluminum foil around my veggies to keep them AWAY from the meat.  That is my opinion, but I don't want to get anywhere near the meat.  If you grill often then getting your own grates or grill would be ideal to conserve resources. <3

Age  does  weaken us ! when I was my 20's  there was no way  I  would  share a  grill with  meat,  a  few  decades  and  a  few  kids  later , i do  share  and  assist in  cooking .  My  though  now  is that high  heat ,  vegetable  oil  to " clean the  plate  ' and  try  as  best  as  one  can to separate  ( the  grill is  easy  hot plate  not  so)  to  keep  the  vegetable  burgers/  vegetables  from the non  vegetarian foods  I  can  do. I find  that my non vegetarian friends  respect  my choices ,  and  it  probably helps "our" relationships , and  educates  them on  other healthy ways  of  eating  without being  seen as a  "crazy"

Vegetarian.  And  teh advantage  of  assisting in the BBQ  , is  that  i can control teh BBQ  plate  , so i get  what i  want  LOL !

Depending on the grill you can use the second rack or even ask to cook first then keep it in a warm place and wait for them to cook their meal. I'm sure you'll find a way and that they will under stand. :)

Your friends need to fuck off or just use your own...nothing wrong with doing the right thing!

I personally would buy my own grill, you could try wrapping your veggies in foil to protect them, but they would be more like baked/steamed then. If you cant afford a separate grill you could cook your food first before they put meat on there

This is a really good question. I don't grill that much but I use a lot of foil when i do grill just for some separation. In the same respect, I don't order french fries at a restaurant because they are fried in the same oil used to fry meat products.

Yes, I would get a cheap grill. In addition to residue from the meat, you also face the risk of cross contamination. And make sure you use a different spatula for them as well. Ick. 


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