zoo (short for zoological park or zoological garden, and also called a menagerie) is a facility in which animals are confined within enclosures, displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred.

they often contain rescued or endangered animals that would not have been alive or even around if it was not for these zoos. I hear  animal rights  organizations hate zoos because like circus they are overcrowded and entertainment for people. the zoo here in the US is really clean, my boy's ex wife has a sister who works at one and it is always maintained and the animals are happy. we would never have known about other exotic animals or even be able to  save them  from being extinct  if it was not for zoos. also nobody talks about the safaris which is open range but still entertainment for people. is this not important ?  I just do not understand why Zoos are so bad. yes circuses are.I agree to that but zoos are helpful at least here in the US. as a New vegan I will like to understand why zoos are so bad. thank you. 

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An abundance of animal sanctuaries are unfortunately still a dream along with world peace and no starving people....so until we live in a perfect world, here's my 2 cents:  If zoos did not exist ( I'm in NY) there would be no point in rescuing orphaned or abandoned baby animals. We would not rescue them because they would have nowhere to go live out their lives, they would be dead.  Just One Personal Example:  The Walruses living out their lives at the NY Aquarium were rescued orphans from Alaska, I bottle fed them as a volunteer when they were just 300 pound babies, 18 years later they are still loved and incredibly cared for and been there for hundreds of thousands of visitors to learn about willdlife conservation. Trust me when I tell you, the aquarium is anything but a profitable business ~ they have to rely on donations to remain open!  I'm glad those walruses did not have to starve and die alone as babies all those years ago.

How do you know animals are happy there? Well, they are not. No one animal has ever voluntarily signed up to be housed in a zoo. They are in captivity for our entertainment. How would you feel to live in a prison all your life?

We have no right to enslave others for our own viewing or entertainment. Zoos should be abolished as they provide no good for the animals. People should learn to respect the animal kingdom.

I suggest you watch the movie Earthlings.

If I were the king of the jungle in a zoo enclosure, boy, I'd be grumpy. I mean, who wouldn't be? Tarzan and Jane's children drop by every day to capture my image, asking me to say "CHEESE" way too often. Of all the effing nerve! I, of course, roar in disapproval just to let them know I want one of them for lunch. Speaking of which, I think the muttonchop yesterday had horse meat in it. 

Man, I really miss my home and my domain. I don't even know what I'm doing time for. I didn't  shoot my girlfriend. 

I love the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park I go to the Zoo all the time and all of the times I have been there the animals seem happy and healthy I have never seen a problem with any of the animals except a Guenon with diabetes and a couple Bald Eagles that cant fly(I heard the safari park got them that way) I know there was some controversy when the Safari park got a herd of elephants from the wild but the government was going to kill them because they had too many so I don't think that is that bad. I think circuses are bad though I think there are good and bad zoos just don't say all zoos are bad because you saw one bad one. SDZG (San Diego Zoo Global) does a lot of different projects including conservation efforts and educating  the public also animal projects like introducing tortoises to the desert in Nevada to working with a nature center to get Rails population back up and working with China on Panda breeding. SDZ has the most successful Koala breeding program outside of Australia and the panda breeding program is going well too btw mostly all the babies get sent back to China except for the breeding pair I don't know exactly where they go after that but the baby we have now is Xiao Li Wu or "Mr. Wu"

It depends. Many zoos take care of hurt and injured animals. But, I think the confination is awful.

i think they should let these animals have sum indica occasionally or opiates and spacing and mental challenges and pro active staff

It depends on the Zoo. If they exist to help former "house pets" and serve as a sanctuary for animals who have been used for circus shows then yes they are great. Provided animals get proper care and plenty of simulated "habitat" then it is awesome. Also if they are preserving or breeding endangered species or public education then that too is wonderful and noble. If they exist for profit and are not proper providers for the animals whom they house then they are despicable and should now be allowed to exist!

Yeah, this is a good question.. It also has a variety of pros and cons.  I personally can not, will not go to any Circus.   But with that said, I have taken my kids to a few Zoo's.  One in Oakland, CA and the one in Waikiki HI.  I also have taken them to Marine World in CA.

The places I have visited have good reputations, are proactive with animal health and rights.  Keep endangered animals for the sole reason of keeping them alive and for education on the subject.   Typically, the animals are born in a zoo setting and  have known no different. Therefore, not  "know how to survive" in the wild.  This, I think is debatable, I mean "animal instinct" is something they are born with. 

The majority of animal caretakers at Zoo's are those who have studied, love and protect animals.  They are cared for and fed well,  but yes caged.  The problem lies in the rules, regulations and protection of these animals being followed up on.  Some Zoo's should not be open, and animal cruelty does exist.

So, I guess it boils down to asking if animals are more at risk for neglect and cruelty when caged?  Are they lacking deserved freedom in the wild?  or are they actually better cared for and safer @ the Zoo?   Madagascar if you will..

I really love zoos because I get overly happy from seeing animals and they are so cute and stuff! And I agree with the positive points that zoos save animals from going extinct. But it really depends on the zoo if they do that well, as had been said before. I live in Amsterdam and I used to go to the zoo here, but I don't do that any more because the animals have such small cages which is really sad and I don't want to support that any more... But I've been to zoos in Prague and Budapest for example and it is a huuuuuuge difference! Some of the animals habitats in those zoos seem even bigger then their natural habitat in the wild would be. So I do support that, and I only go to the zoo on vacation if the zoo is big and has a good reputation. :) Al tough after this being said I know it will be hard to never visit the zoo in Amsterdam again... Because my boyfriend also loves going there and we used to go together and have great romantic times and he does not really get why I am against the principle of the animals being in such small cages and when I asks me to go again and I try to explain he will probably think I am exaggerating and he won't take me seriously :(


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