How do you become a Vegan if you live at home with your parents and they wont let you eat Vegan?

I'm 18. I already tried to be a vegan once and it didn't work because my parents wouldn't let me. I feel dairy is unhealthy and I do not want to eat/drink it anymore. My parents eat Bacon/lunchmeat/fast food, are always baking cookies and buying junk food.

So how do I be a vegan without them knowing?

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Why do you want them to not know? You can set an example for them with your actions. They may never follow your example, but being such an example puts you squarely in the lead of doing what's right.

Do you have your own income, or are you reliant on your parents to buy your food? If you're reliant on your parents, can you change that? If not, keep negotiating. You can't really expect your parents to pay for things they disagree with, including a vegan diet, but you certainly can negotiate. Your parents don't seem to be sold on the health benefits of a vegan diet, but if you can show them the evidence, and tell them that, among other things, you want to do what you can to protect your health and well being, they should respect that. I'm sure they love you, and want what is best for you. They have to learn that you are the one to make those choices, not them. However, you're still left with the fact that you are an adult, yet beholden to them for your groceries.

Good luck, and keep us posted :-)

Yes my parents pay for groceries. And I tried to be vegan once before and they made me stop. I'm vegetarian and they still don't like that either. They are always telling me that meat is healthy for me and I will die if I don't eat it. It makes me mad.

Are you still in school?

I'm vegetarian for like 2 years now and my family accepted it quite well. All of them could never think of quitting on meat but they still like some vegetarian or vegan recipes. So one point could be: When you can, try to cook (well, if you also like to do that :P) and show them how great it can taste. Try to take on a serious discussion with your parents about healthy meat - show them that you're eating a lot vegetables and stuff which is very healthy and that you eat tofu/soya/... whatsoever to get your proteins you might miss out. I mean, it doesn't even have to be tofu. Take legumes: They have a lot of protein and still are something "normal" to eat (around here at least). That may show your parents that you don't live that unhealthy. :P It's often hard for carnivores to handle with tofu, soya, tempeh, seitan and whatsoever as they think this is some unhealthy stuff which has nothing to do with the original plants anymore... but it does!

Coming back to my first question: I finished school after half an year being vegetarian. As I then went to work for a year I automatically got my own meal for midday so there I could handle it anyway. For breakfast things like fruits etc. are always good or idk, a bread with marmelade and it will be normal for your parents. The most important thing is that you have to take quite a lot on yourself (what might be what you're aiming for anyway). But if you have this opportunity (as pupil I guess not...) then you can show your parents directly how important this is for you. They see how much time you take to be what you want to be and maybe they will support you.

On my plans to be vegan I guess I have to wait until I move out. Being vegetarian is okay for everyone, but vegan is like hell - not (only) because vegans are strange - but my parents said they can't cook vegan all the time :P "Just eating no meat" is easier in a family. So I don't eat eggs and try to quit milkproducts - but still eat all of that when it's cooked (allthough I still quietly try to eat nothing that contains eggs. :D idk, for me eggs aren't even vegetarian.)

Sorry for writing that much! I hope my opinion can help you get further with your parents! :)

I live with my parents too, and i started 7 years ago with vegetarian, it was very hard but they get used too, now im becoming vegan and well they are taking good lol. I know its hard but u have to insist until they accept it. You can start with easy thing like not eat bakon anymore and things like that, i started that way 7 years ago :) Good Luck

I'm not in High school anymore. I will go to college in August.

So, at school you eat the diet you want?

Which means you will be free to go for your own choices from August. Not so much left to wait. :}

Unless they are holding a gun to your head, I am not sure how they "make you eat it"  If you mean, you have no healthy choices in the home because you are not doing the shopping or cooking, maybe you can start there?   Offer to help mom out by cooking "meatless Monday night dinner every week" or something like that.  Compromise is key and a introducing your parents to a healthy lifestyle can be a win win!  good luck girl, it's hard living with meat and dairy eaters.

i don't think you can do it without them knowing, but you could start offering to do the cooking and grocery shopping. I don't know why they would have a problem with you eating veggies instead of cookies and packaged lunch meat. I've been vegetarian since I was 13, that was 20 years ago, the last two or three years I've been vegan, and I'm not dead yet..... I think if not eating meat killed you I would have died 20 years ago.

I don't really see how people on a meat and junk food diet can really have any say in what you eat. For starters they are setting a bad example by buying lots of junk food.

If you don't want to eat and drink dairy anymore put your foot down and stop eating and drinking it. Fortified soymilks have more nutrients than dairy milk anyway, just read the nutrition labels.

Just an idea Lilia.  Since Vegan seems very important to you then you could simply buy all ur own food I presume?  I don't know just how strict ur parents are but that shud work.  Personally I eat ridiculously cheapo. I'm spending $100ish/month on food atm and its healthy as hell =).

Vegan style = best/cheapest =) u can do it! Show them they have no say in it if u buy ur own food!  That's what I had 2 do personally;  Figure everything out myself and buy the food learn 2 cookem and etc. Then my Parents couldn't tell me squat, though they tried!

In my mom's opinion I don't eat "normal food". I eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains. Of course, it's healthier to eat sausages))) She believes that people can't live without animal protein. It is so hard to deal with her :( Now I prefer not to respond to her and keep on eating what I want ;) 

I am a vegetarian. I'm still living at home and I will be going to college in August, though I will remain living at home and going to school.


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