How do you cope when you are the only vegan/vegetarian/etc that you know?

For example, I'm the only vegan in my entire family and I don't have any friends that are either, it can get pretty hard.
How do you feel about this if you feel the same way, or what advice would you give others on the issue?

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I have been alone in my vegan journey for  27 years now.  None of my family, or freinds, or husband, or his family, or OUR friends, even our children have yet do become Vegan.  For a majority of those years it was not a struggle.  Here is how I managed/manage today:  I have learned to always eat something BEFORE going out to dinners, events, parties, even holidays (just in case there is nothing for me to "make it work"

I always bring a vegan dish to potlucks, most people are interested and enjoy, the others, I don't even care. The selfish side of me does it so I know I can eat!

I remind myself that I chose this lifestyle alone, so I shouldn't be upset when I find myself alone in the lifestyle!

I remember I've always been proud, and never ashamed.  That I feel better and look better because of the changes I've made.  I remind myself that my choice to be vegetarian is just as real as their choice to not.

 I don't judge others, because I have been judged PLENTY. 

I learned to lump Nutrition in with "Politics and Religion" and chose not speak on the subjects unless spoken to.

Think of carnivores as people who speak another language.  The ability to understand what I'm doing, or why is limited.  I keep it short, sweet and simple.  (Vegan for Dummies) lol

Levels of difficulty and feelings of being "alone" will come and go, but your convictions, pride, health and wellness will out weigh that by far!  Continue to reach out to this group online when you feel alone, it's all I've had, yet it's all I really need....OX  Peace-love and Veggies

Great :) (y) you are awesome.

I completely agree!!

I have been a vegetarian for 10 years and recently switched to vegan.  The only reason it took so long (this is my third attempt) was that it was hard with everyone else NOT being vegan.  Social gatherings are hard.  It is a lot more work with my family not eating the way I do.   My kids eat vegan/vegetarian a lot without even knowing it half the time...haha.   My husband eats nothing vegetarian/vegan.  So, dinnertime is very frustrating.  I do hope someday my girls will become vegan so I have to make every effort I can to show them how important this lifestyle is for their health and environment and for the poor helpless animals.   I openly talk about it and I made them watch Forks over Knives which they say has scared them for life... haha.    I have no close friends that are vegetarian/vegan.  I have met (very excitedly) people in my small community that are vegetarian, but not vegan just out of the blue.  It is nice to know there are people out there like yourself.

I think you will find that there are people that are vegan/vegetarian around you but you just haven't met them yet.  I am always so happy to meet someone new.  I really want to belong to a vegan social group but the closest to me is 2 hours away...someday I will get there.  Look on to see if there are any near you.  Plus you have sites like this.  :)


I also want to go to vegan meetup groups, but I can't seem to find any that are friendly for my age (i'm in high school, and most of the meetups I see are for dating) but I am always happy to hear when someone decides to go vegan, it's such a great lifestyle

Have you tried twitter?  I am also following a lot of vegans on twitter and it makes you feel involved.  I am on periscope and follow Coleen patrick-Goudreau and she talks every couple days to people all over the world and you really feel connected and not alone!  :)    I'm sure if you are in high school, you are hearing it from a lot of people to eat meat....I know I still get it sometimes.  Hang in are doing something awesome!

No, but I will try it thank you for your response :)

I understand you. I don't have veg friends or family members either. As compassion for animals is very important for me, I feel rather lonely and frustrated that none of people around me really cares. I'd really like to find veg pals here.

Yeah, I would love to make friends here. But the site doesn't seem that busy

I can totally relate, I'm the only vegan in my family and group of friends, except of best friend who is pescatarian.

Good luck for you & as Saint Augustine said: "Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it"

Have a nice day :)

I have crush many walls from my beginning of been vegetarian. First it was my familiy, but after two years they accepted my desicion and also starts to listening me. Now they also trying to live healty life, because i crush every argument that they claime against me. Second is my friends. They are like "How can you be not eating meet? I can even imagine not to eat!", and im like " I have my life, and you have yours. Im not here on this planet so you can understanding me." But eventualy they aceppted like something that i done hole my life. I have good familliy and friends luckely. But the third is with my college on my job. Thats the problem, because i expirience a lot of bad jokes, stories and lot of questening about my way of life. But hopefully im calm, because i dont even try to explain something that they can understand and somehow i made for my self a little humor for all that they aceppted and how can they even can offend me when i know that they poisining them self because of lack of knowledge and information. I just quit to explain a lot of people, becuase they have a limit of self knowing i lack of awareness. I made my self happy and thats the most important. 

Trust me, you're NEVER "the only veg'n in the village"! Look for fellow veg'ns in local environmental groups, such as Transition Initiatives, and via veg'n groups on Facebook, Meetup ( and, etc. :-)
The first member I checked out, of your nearest Meetup group (within 10 miles) lives in your neighbourhood! See :-)

It's worth joining other local(ish) groups, as they may hold local Meetups too, see

And you can always host a local event of your own, e.g. a meal out, a potluck, a picnic, etc. ;-)


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