How do you cope when you are the only vegan/vegetarian/etc that you know?

For example, I'm the only vegan in my entire family and I don't have any friends that are either, it can get pretty hard.
How do you feel about this if you feel the same way, or what advice would you give others on the issue?

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I was the only non-meat eater in my family for a long time until my cousin recently became a vegetarian (lacto-ovo). Now I'm finally not alone (I'm vegan). lol Though I do have another cousin whose girlfriend is a vegetarian (lacto-ovo), but she's not officially part of the family because they're not married or anything. Still, when she goes with him to family get-togethers and things, it's always nice to have another non-meat eater around. :) It doesn't make you feel so alone. As far as my friends go, I'm the only one who doesn't eat meat. But all my friends are very accepting of me and get vegan foods for me to eat when I go stay with them, so it's not so bad. ^^ I'd still really love to have a vegan friend though. Hopefully I can get one someday.


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