As we vegetarian (and most of here willing to go for VEgan) should not promote to keep pet animals and help them go live in Nature.

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It's a bit complicated though. There's nothing wrong with having a cat around as long as the food you give it is vegan, and you're ok with it hunting for mice and birds and whatnot. It's not ok to keep a cat indoors all the time.

Dogs are more complicated... The past 80,000 years they evolved to be our companions, they're as much a part of us and we are of them. Dogs do great on a vegan diet, in fact the oldest dog in the Guiness Book reached 26 years of age and lived on a vegan diet. 

I keep mine indoors only. Letting them out puts them at risk for disease, attacks by wild animal, getting hit by a car or being shot.  I don't feed them vegan either. Cats are primarily carnivores.

I don't think you can just send animals back to nature if they have been born into domesticity.  Nature is cruel and unforgiving and any animal not used to it is in potential danger.  

There are other reasons why this is not practical, a cat, for example, will probably have all the freedoms it wants already and quite likes the fact that there will be food in its bowl and a nice warm spot on the bed.  If it didn't it would just go.  Dogs, in contrast do not have the same freedoms but have a tendency to pine for their masters, its not fair on a dog either to ask them to give up their lifestyles.

Its nice to think of all animals living as nature intended but that also includes humans and we also choose to live away from nature.  In reality you cannot send an animal out into the wild without putting it into some sort of danger, a danger which it is not prepared for and is not able to defend itself against. 

No animal that has been kept as a pet should be released into nature. They are dependent on humans as they are used to relying on them. Furthermore, do you know what happens to certain breeds if their grooming is neglected, such as poodles? their hair continues to grow, mats will eventually become solid. This  blocks the air to their skin,which causes it to rot. There have been many neglected dogs that have had their limbs rot of, or their jaws rot out because their hair was so overgrown. Eventually, the hair will mat so badly it will also prevent the dog from walking, seeing and even its mouth may become glued shut with the mats.

I rescued a little dog years ago. He was left to go "wild" in the woods where I live. Initially the hair cut off him exceeded his body weight and even then he was still severely matted. I immediately took him to my vet. He had heartworms and several intestinal worms. I instructed them to bathe him and they tried but his hair was so matted the water would not reach his skin. Luckily, he was groomed, treated and found a home within one week. Many dogs abandoned in the wild are not so lucky. 

Abandoning a pet animal in the wild is abuse. Where I live, it will get you charged with a crime if you are caught/

Pet species are different from wild animals. They are bred to suit human lifestyle for generations that they have lost their instinct to survive in the wild. They need our manual cares to live a healthy life. Living with human is their Nature. They will suffer diseases and hunger and finally die in grief, if being left in the wild.

Worse fated are the meeker and smaller pets - bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice etc. The savage morons love to buy pairs of opposite sex and watch them propagate for fun. And the over-multiplied would be abandoned and ended up as preys in the wild. And this is one of many reasons why pet shops should be boycotted.

uM....totally HAVE to disagree here....all animals that are bred and captivity would likely not survive out in the wild in their "Natural" habitats. Most of us have "pets" and theirs nothing wrong with that.

they will feel more aware than animals in nature.
my Cat moves around the compound and into the house, eats vegetarian but others do give it meat when they buy. it also does a good job with rats.


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