How has "Social Networking" and the enternet inspired, influenced, enhanced or effected your vegetarian journey?

I have found that the support of others who share my interest  is a vital resource in my endeavors. Just connecting with people in this group has inspired me to extend,  improve and grow as a mindful human being.  How has the internet inspired, influenced, enhanced or effected/affected  your Vegetarian Journey???

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As of yesterday, I have subscribers to my recipe page ( from TWENTY different countries!! Some of these places I've rarely even heard of! It's a wonderful experience to bring together so many like-minded people that you would not be able to otherwise meet, had it not been for sites like I am able to expand my veggie-horizons and taste-buds on an international level, allowing me to experience cultural changes in produce and preparation of food. This helps me to be more creative with my recipes! Additionally, I can be inspired by one person thousand of miles away, yet- can introduce meal preparations and healthful living tips learned by that individual, to people half way across the world. It's AMAZING! Universal veggie love!! Furthermore, it helps unite similar ideas revolving around production, consumption, and food/farm industries, so we can start making a difference world-wide in the way we all see and treat our food. Together, we are a veggie-force not to be F***ed with!!  Haha :o)

You are an awesome and inspiring veggie force L&B.

The internet didn't influence my becoming vegetarian but it sure as help influenced my veganism. It provided the information that I needed to understand why veganism is so important, it gave me the information I needed to help me plan and secure a safe and much easier transition. The best part, though, is the support. Thanks to Facebook groups and places like this that gave me not only well loved support and a place to vent that in real life I had none of. Yes, the internet had a giant impact in my vegan life.

That's a good topic! Well, to start with I feel so great being on vegetarian website, as I know there are people like me here, and I just don't feel like an outcast. I chose to be veggie without anybody's influence, however, right now I must say I am trying to influence others on FB. I always post animal rights related petitions and nag people to sign them. I put articles about the healthy and ecological side of vegetarianism and recently I have been putting loads about the connection between animal products and illnesses. Most people just ignore it but there are some people who ask me questions, and right now I am giving advice to 3 friends (well, fb friends) on how to switch to veggie life. I'm chuffed!

Here I need to mention that I got 2 nasty responses for putting the pictures from slaughterhouses and animal testing, one guy commented that he would never post such horrible things for his friends to see, calling me sick. I was disappointed, but my other non-veggie friends started defending me saying that people should be aware of these things. So that was nice. Sometimes I do feel, though, like I'm the crazy one on fb, but I know that I'm doing the right thing.

X Kasia Semik :-) we can support each other! X


One of the major reasons I become a Vegetarian is because of a video PETA made about animals rights and why everyone should be a vegetarian. I find many delicious recipes on vegetarian cook pages. But since I'm new to this group I didn't have the chance yet to talk with other people.. But I'm sure I'll find a lot of help here too...

Thanks to the internet, I found this site (where everyone helped accelerate my journey to being full vegan, and are the only people in my life who support my new lifestyle), I watched my first documentaries online, did so much research... love having all this information and support at my fingertips! I may never have realized the full extent of the evils of eating meat and dairy, my family and others around me would have kept me smoke-screened pretty well. It's been invaluable to have others tell me that my choice is right, that they're proud of me, that they'll give advice whenever needed. As others have also said- it is great to find recipes online! All those delicious vegan dishes, I can not resist!

I feel the same.

its allowed me to bring vegetarian awesomeness into cyberspace :-)

awesomeness indeed  0 ;-)

I would not have so fully and so joyfully and so completely moved to embrace a vegan diet if not for the energy, knowledge and the community support i have experienced within  this internet group,..... "Vegetarian Friend".

Thanks :)


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