How has "Social Networking" and the enternet inspired, influenced, enhanced or effected your vegetarian journey?

I have found that the support of others who share my interest  is a vital resource in my endeavors. Just connecting with people in this group has inspired me to extend,  improve and grow as a mindful human being.  How has the internet inspired, influenced, enhanced or effected/affected  your Vegetarian Journey???

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adding awareness about vegans and recipes

I am a lacto ovo veg, close to vegan.. heading that direction now.

I am getting very hungry looking at all those dishes you have cooked up. Its going on two am here.. just discovered this site. Amy

Hey Amy Northmore Orr glad to see you here and thanks for the "friend reach out".  In my opinion Amy, what ever lane you choose while traveling  down the vegetarian High-Way/express way/inter state,..what ever part of the path that "flips your switch" there is something that makes us go that direction. Mindfulness is that thing we all share that motivates us. Mindfullness of life. Mindfullness of our health. Mindfull of our community. Mindfull of how we are evolving. The decision is systemic, it effects the whole body.

Oh yeah,... I get so hungry evertime i start looking at the wonderful food here lol. I find looking at peoples vegetarian creations inspiring.

I recently join the web site.and I find lots of fun here.and the pic  always  give me inspiration .! 

You are inspiring to me  ClaireSui.

its just nice to know that i'm not alone. 

I have allowed "aloneness"  too sway me from the vegetarian path several times  siyuan.  Exactly what you said      "its just nice to know that i'm not alone."

I am able to connect with soooo many people. ;)

most definitely YES! I tried to transition to veganism a decade ago and backed out after a year because I didn't have enough information and damaged my health (I come from a basically meat-eating South American country) but now with all the blogs and recipes availabe I'm so inspired and happy and it's been soooo easy!!!


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