How have you found dating to be in a meat eating world?

Do you find it difficult to find some one with same interests as your self, who is vegetarian/vegan when being in a meat eating world, or do you find it easy. For my self I find it very had to find some one, that feels so passionate about animals the way I do so it makes it hard for me to find some one that would be suitable for me. What about you?

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Hey, yeah I absolutely agree about that. I have had some meat eating girlfriends, but after usually 3 months they get sick of me being a veggie, and they miss a man whom they can eat meat with. So I have decided not to waste any more time on relationships like that and rather use my time with "my own people"

yeah I hear ya, I feel the same way.

True love happens naturally.

Love is not confined in relationship between two sexes.

The urges to be loved can be overcome by expand one's love on more objectives which are not related to sexual attraction.

People are difficult to distinguish between bodily urges and pure love these days misled by the distortion and paranoia wishes generated by movies, trends, and social misconceptions.

Most problematic relationships were caused by earlier desperation.

Vegetarians and vagans are more genuine and innocent in nature. Therefore they must strengthen themselves to avoid being victimized to tragic endings by the cruel and wicked corpse-eating wolves out there.

Serendipity will strike. Relax, don't stress about meeting 'the one'; it will happen.

hope so 

My father had asked me about this when I insisted on being vegetarian. 

Oh well, I do hope that my future husband will be vegetarian as well. This makes a lot of things easier, including how we will raise our children.

Itz terrable, I really have zero optionz here and i dont even bother to meet people now unless they r vegan, sexy and want me. ,,, and it aint happening :(


I think I have the same 'problem' (not that I am actively looking for a boyfriend :P). My friends say I am too picky and that I should give more regular (read: meat eating, not environmental friendly, ...) guys 'a chance'. They don't think I can find someone 'like me' easily, so their conclusion is that I shouldn't be too 'idealistic'. But I’d rather be forever alone (i know it sounds dramatic :p), then start a relationship with someone who is not as conscious about the environment and animal welfare, and loves travelling as much as I do (at least for now). I have had a relationship for 3 years with a meat eater, who claimed to be environmentally conscious, but in reality wasn't, and I often felt kind of lonely. So I have decided to wait for someone with the same interests and I am in no hurry :D I am much happier now than I was with a boyfriend who didn't understood me. 

They are there, we just have to bump into them ;)

 (Sorry for my english)


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