I have been a vegetarian since 2008,

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Hi Charlene,

I am from Vancouver Island. 
Vegetarian since 1999, vegan since 2009 . Loving the compassionate lifestyle, and experimenting in vegan chocolate and blogging... as messy as that sound;)

Hope that you are well.



I've vegetarian since Aug,2011 and vegan since Nov 2011,I'm very new,

Vegetarian since 2002. Vegan since 2008

I have been a vegetarian since before i was born, and I kept it because the food my mom makes is SO GOOD !!!

I have been vegetarian all of my life but recently went vegan a year ago :) loving it. I live in Kamloops BC and not many vegans here! 

Hey Jeneen, sent you a PM in FB, may be able to connect you with some other vegans in Kamloops but also sent some info. would love t connect! sue

by born .. its been 27 years.....


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