Hi, how long have you all been vegetarian? And why do you choose to be vegetarian?

Please share your vegetarian experience with us!

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I have been vegan fro 7 years now and was more or less vegetarian before that for several years.
I could actually say that I have been a vegetarian in my heart all the time. I didn't like meat or fish as a kid, but was punished to make me eat everything that was given to me.  As a teenager I admired vegetarians and wanted to become one. Tried, but failed due to lack of support. Then I started smoking and drinking beer and it made it easier for me to try to train myself to eat meat. I never learnt to really like it but tolerate somehow. Well, smoking cigarettes destroys our ability to taste and smell.

When I quit smoking about 10 years ago, the vegetarian inside me wanted to come out of the closet again. At the time I was living in a more supportive environment so it was easier to become a vegetarian. And soon I wanted to become vegan.

Why, it has been the most difficult question. I just feel it is natural me, and the way I should be.

I've been a vegetarian for almost a year, and I have dramatically reduced my consumption of diary and eggs in the last 4 months, and now barely have or miss them. I guess that after whatching various documetaries and reading a lot of material about vegetarianism and the effect of a meat-eating diet to our society, our bodies and our planet, the transition was very natural to me. i just couldn't have meat anymore, and when I would have it I would feel extremelly disgusted by it's taste and sorry for the suffer that animal felt. right now it's getting harder to sustain this diet because of the lack of support, specially from my parents. in my culture meat is a primary food, and they strongly believe that i'll become sick, weak and deficient if I don't have animal protein daily, so pretty much, it's hard. sometimes I think they just don't want to see the whole picture, and that upsets me a lot and is horrible for our relationship. I feel in my heart that I don't ever want to have meat anymore and I'll do what it takes to feel good about myself and my eating habits.

I have been vegetarian for 15 years. I had a fish tank growing up and at age 6 I wouldn't eat "anything that swims". When I was 15, I saw an animal being slaughtered on TV. The guys were laughing and the animal was suffering. I haven't eaten meat since that day. I didn't know any vegetarians back then but it was an easy decision. It was a burden having to explain myself to everyone, everyday. Now, many of my friends have become vegetarian and the options at the grocery store have come a long way since the '90s! If I wasn't so compassionate towards animals, I would still be vegetarian for health reasons.

Hi I am slowly becoming vegetarian conscious...,-)...

My reasons are Health, Environment, Animals, Relation, Theosophical (Which makes HEART ;-).

I think It took me a long time to realize that I could manage a good and healthy diet without meat, and when I went to India I found natural, cheap and easy to eat vegetarian like every body else. Recently I got aware of the mass production and careless methods used in the agriculture industries, of the huge consumption of drugs, water and other protein to feed the cattle, and also of the ecological and social issues when producing and redistributing food world wide. I guess I was a victim of the ideal and fairytale family farm, but meanwhile it takes time to go against the current of the main stream media, and to forge one self opinion. I always love the animals and enjoy to relate to them too, and getting into Buddhism and studying the law of Karma, I felt important to take care of all sentient beings in the world...

...I think the way animals are treated is also the same way people are treated...

Hi im new here ad im just going through the site getting to know everything here. so im more then willing to share. I decided to go vegetarian after i saw that PETA video meet your meat...................and if you have seen it need i say more?????? I had just found out that the lead singer in one of my favorite bands was a vegan and i honestly got really confused as to what that was so i googled it and the information that i received was helpful and the videos shocking! si i asked me mom what would she think and she said that if i decided to go down the veggie road she would help me. i went veg cold turkey for a week and never looked back. im happy with the choice i made and that my family and Fiance have been so helpful. my friends are very supportive and my moms even going to take me to the local veg cafe here in Tacoma! and the other day i was counting the years and come to realize its been five years of lovley and happy eating!

 I like the kind of person I am and become with a vegetarian diet. I found this by following a fast of fruits and vegetables and in doing so experienced such rejuvenation in my body, mind and so. I find this an natural part of who I am any type I stray. I am always bought back to total balance by having to give my body what it needs and requires. Its quite a learning process yet the journey and all the explorations that happen is fun and I get to eat a LOT of great food. There is no skrimping or calorie counting. It helps to maintain my weight and eat a variety of foods in the fresh and whole that produces such great results to my well-being.

I was driving to work one morning, it was early and the sun was just coming up. I saw something small move on the road ahead and when I got closer I realised it was a duck. It must have flown into the overhead power lines and it was laying on its back struggling to get back on its feet. I picked it up and put it in the long grass at the side of the road and continued my journey to work. On arriving at work I put the chicken I had for lunch in the bin and have been veggie ever since. That was 12 years ago and I stick to a vegan diet now. That duck was desperate to live, I hope it survived, for it changed my outlook to life.

Hello sweet.  I have been vegetarian since 2010 . I choose being vegetarian because i always love animals and i dont think i should eat them . Animals aren't make to men like men aren't make to  women =)

I was veg off and on for a while during college and then I went back to eating meat when I moved back home out of pure convenience. I went strict vegetarian in August 2009 and straight vegan a few months ago. I chose to be vegetarian at first for ethical reasons. I had no idea what eating factory farmed meat does to the environment and how bad we have hurt our planet. I am not trying to be involved with as many things as possible whether it's raising money for causes or protesting dolphin slaughter. I am a proud vegan!!

Six weeks so far. I made the change because I was disgusted by what was going into my body and how quickly it was killing me.

I became a Vegan during lent of 2010 because my church performs a 40 Day Daniel Fast annually during this time (Vegan Diet) and within 3 weeks of starting the fast I noticed (as a former body builder I notice everything about my body) that I didn't wake up groggy anymore. By the end of the 40 days fast I had more energy and I felt lost 20 lbs, and my cholesterol went from 235 to 160. So from that day on I was a vegan for the next year and couple months. I'm now a vegetarian but I still do no consume any dairy products.

I have been a veggie for going on two years now, went vegan off and on it is hard to stay there when your kids are used to eating dairy. I don't eat eggs or mayo or anything but some times there will be something that is not considered vegan in my diet. I went veggie because of the cruelty to animals. I never ate a lot even growing up it always kinda grossed me out. My best friend is pescatarian so she was a great support and very proud of me, My boyfriend went veggi the first time I went vegan to help support me so I am happy to have the two of them they are so great! 


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