Hi, how long have you all been vegetarian? And why do you choose to be vegetarian?

Please share your vegetarian experience with us!

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since i was born (thats 16 years)

i think killing and eating animals is just cruel

Hi. I've been a vegetarian since I was 5 years old. I became a vegetarian because I found out were my food was coming from. As soon  as I found out I stopped eating meat. Luckily I had my moms support who also became vegetarian that same day. I know becoming a vegetarian was the best choice I've made. I am now 17 and on my 18th birthday I will make the switch and become a vegan.

Hello! I´m vegetarian since 2011 and became a vegan in january, because I love and respect all the animals ! I simply cannot support any cruellty =/  For animals, for love, for life .. # Animal Liberation !! #GoVegan!!

I have been vegetarian since my birth.. My whole family being vegetarians perhaps laid foundation for my vegetarianism but with time I had learnt to be compassionate for my fellow beings and had transformed into a hard core animal lover that I had completely refused to embrace non-vegetarianism like some people do (They are vegetarians by birth but start eating animals at some phase of their life and for various reasons like peer pressure etc..) . The reason is simple. I Love animals. I respect the fact that They are living on this earth with rights at par with us and This world is their home too. I can't think of killing a fellow sentient being just for a meal and can't even even imagine tearing a family for satiating my taste buds .

hi..i was starting to be a vegetarian on 2007. it was a sad story when doctors said there's a myom in my uterus. it needed a surgery. I was afraid to do that. my friend told me an herbal traditional chinese medicine. then i tried to consume it for 6months. During consuming this , i had to be a vegetarian. First 3months made me crazy and got stressed coz i liked fish so much.but i had very strong mind to fight it..i wanted to throw this myom soonest. Alhamdulillah..it's gone !! Doctors were surprised, and wondering how. since that i keep to be a vegetarian. makes me healtier and younger :) but the problem is still hard to find vegan bread and cookies here so sometimes i still eat them. but i'll learn to make it myself..

2 years and 79 days :D best decision iv ever made

Veggie for 25 years. I don't like eating animals, it yucks me out! And eating meat always made me ill as a kid.

its been more than 4 years .. may be six .. but 4 is the least ...................... i don't remembered when did i started taking completely vegetarian food . Actually during 2007 i acted vegetarian through some regions . after some months my thoughts , my body . and almost every believe in me started change slowly ........slowly .then i learned . how important it is to take veg diet .......   so here i go till the date........   

Hi all I'm new. I'm a recent "official" vegetarian I guess you would call it.I have been on and off for the past few months after watching horrible animal cruelty movies in one of my college course.  I was never a red meat eater it made me sick and I couldn't stand to look at it. Chicken wasn't my thing either, I only occasionally ate fish. After seeing the movies I decided to simply be done with meat altogether. There is no need to eat meat so why should I? That fish, pig, cow or chicken did nothing to me. Because of that and my absolute love of animals I decided to go strictly to veggies. Cutting out meat altogether is very easy for me, but I am also trying to go vegan. Most dairy products I have no problem giving up. My one weakness...ice cream. It has always been my comfort food for when I'm feeling down. if anyone has any suggestions for great tasting vegan ice cream please let me know! 

best wishes, 


The ice cream! That's my weakness as well. I love that stuff but it doesn't love me back unfortunately! lol I indulged in some yesterday and was running to the the bathroom later. Wicked stuff! I've tried the Rice Dream, not impressed- like eating ice milk. I'd be interested in a good alternative myself.

I've been vegetarian all my life because of my parents. They've told me that it's my choice, but I could never imagine to be anything else but vegetarian! 

I've been vegetarian since I was 11...I'm now 25! My reasons are moral/ethicalal as I can't stand the thought of eating a dead body/part of a body and find it very disrespectful since animals all have souls like humans so should be respected the same and not used for selfish reasons :)


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