Hi, how long have you all been vegetarian? And why do you choose to be vegetarian?

Please share your vegetarian experience with us!

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i've been vegetarian since i was 9 years old. i want be vegetarian forever. i decided to be vegetarian because of my uncle. i just want to save others lives and i think they also want to survive like us.

In 2000, at age 51, my doctor put me on blood pressure meds.  In 2004, he wanted to put me on cholesterol meds.  I told him I wanted to try something else.  So, I went vegetarian, which I thought would be difficult, because I grew up in rural Kansas on meat and potatoes.  Within 6 months, my cholesterol was normal.  In another 6 months, he took me off the blood pressure medication.  to this day, at age 63, I'm still healthy and drug free.

thanks for sharing your wonderful stories.

I decided to go vegetarian in April 2011. I did it cold turkey haha. Meat was becoming really disgusting tasting to me and I've always flirted with the thought of becoming meat-free. The more research I did, the more I was convinced it was the right choice for me. Then I became pregnant in October and the thought of eating vegetarian protein sources made me sick, so I started eating meat again. My son is now 4.5 months old and I am down to eating meat 2-3 times a week and hope to be vegetarian again within the next few months. When I become pregnant for the second time, whenever that may be, I hope to stick with my vegetarian diet.

Hello, I've been vegetarian for the past 12 years and vegan for the past year. In most countries today there is actually no good excuse to still eat animal products. The true progress in human conscience cannot be achieved while feeding on cruelty and slaughter.

Hi (and first of all, sorry if I make some mistakes, I try to improve my English, and coming here is a good way ^^ )

Well, I'm a vegetarian for something like... 8 months. I didn't want to eat animals anymore. Why wouldn't I eat my cats, and why should I eat cows, or pigs, or lambs ? I tried to be a vegetarian a few years ago, but I think I wasn't ready. In my family, it's very hard to understand, because they eat a lot of meat. For them, animals are on earth to be eaten...

And I can't support the way animals are treated, like... merchandises.

So, for all those reasons, I became a vegetarien, and I'm very proud of it :-)

I am 19 years old and I have been a vegetarian for 6 years. I had never considered going vegetarian when I was young, considering I was only 13 when I decided to switch. But the event that made me go vegetarian was on a road trip with my family when I saw a semi full of cows driving down the freeway, and thought about how sad they looked. Then moments later I see a semi just like the one with cows, but empty coming down the freeway the opposite direction, and something in my mind clicked. These are living creatures, so cute and innocent, being taken to their deaths to be consumed by humans. And I cried and decided to go vegetarian, and I haven't eaten meat since, and I haven't had a second thought about my decision for 6 years. Not to mention I've helped many other people go veggie too!
Hey everybody! As i decided not to eat meat of killed animals again and it was the best decision in my life! I would never eat a creature again that has a mother and that has real feelings that can be shown to the world. I heard lots of terrible stories about how chicken and other animals were grown in ships and about the animal deseases and i have to say i couldn't eat a piece of meat again... i never liked it, not even as a child. I like animals so much, i have a cat and i love him :)

I became a vegetarian almost 3 months ago, so it's still quite new for me. I still eat eggs and milk, but i really want to stop doing that in the future! I became a vegetarian because i saw a documentary about how animals are treated, and slaughtered. It really touched me, and since that day i've never had meat :3

Hey there! I've been vegetarian since childhood. When I was fourteen, I also stopped using animal non-food products. I removed dairy from my diet when I was sixteen and went fully vegan last year - save a number of accidents I've had where I accidentally ingested an animal product. I'm eighteen now, and I don't think I'll ever go back!

My one year anniversary of being green is approaching :) Just wanted to share! On January 1st it's my one year anniversary of being vegetarian, February 1st my one year anniversary of being vegan. Never felt better in all of my life.


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