Hi, how long have you all been vegetarian? And why do you choose to be vegetarian?

Please share your vegetarian experience with us!

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Congratulations Lauren! Think of all thew animals lives you have saved. I applaud you. :)

I've been vegetarian for 5 month now , it completely changed my life, and I feel bad that I didn't start earlier :)

Hi everybody! I have join the forum because I wanted to reply on your question about starting the new era in my & my wifes life to become vegetarian.If I explained at the very begining that our daughter Sanja (27 years) is allreday 11 years vegeterain, and became this summer vegan: evrething is quite clear!. But, for God sake, why we have needed such a long time to make a such divine decision?Now, we are happy and free to be aware we contribute a little bit to entire domestic and wild animal population on Earth.Ofcourse, we hope there is still some time to spent living and walking on Earth knowing we became a better people makinh a such decison!

I am being vegetarian since 2006 (6 years) and Vegan since 2008 (4 years), for spiritual purpose only. But I glad to be one. Now I realize, its a great life to live on.

Hey everybody! 
So I became a vegetarian when I was 3 years old. My older brother (he was 5 years old back then) decided together that we don't want to eat meat anymore. The actual reason for that was that our dad passed away at that time. He had cancer and suffered very much. It was a hard time for us and losing our beloved dad was as you may imagine very hard. We had a rough time and actually hope that nobody should experience the pain we feel. For us there were no differences betwenn humans and animals. They are all equal and they all have most importantly the ability to FEEL. And that was the point where we decided as little kids that we never wanted to kill an animal anymore because nobody should feel the way we did at that time. My mother is a great woman. She isn't a vegetarian, but I thank her to much to respect our feelings back then. Without her it wouldn't have been possible to become vegetarian! So we stayed that way for a long time. My mother always cooked meat-free meals for us, but problems started when I had to go to primary school. Kids hated me for being different, they couldn't understand why I don't eat meat. Plus I was pretty good at school and I guess some of them were jealous of my grades, so I finally became an outcast. A vegetarian freak. Somehow I managed to stay true to myself and when I changed school I find the first time in my life real friends. They were meat-eaters, but they were completely fine with me being a vegetarian and they respected me, so I respected then. Some kids continued bullying me, but I now was fine with it, because I had friends I could go to. I found even more friends troughout the years and everything seemed to be fine.

Then 3 years ago I was on the Internet and visited the site of PETA2. They had a lot videos about vegan diet and I got curious. I did some research and I couldn't eat animal products, I was shocked. The promise my brother and I made all those years ago... We were wrong, animals were killed because of us. It wasn't a question for me IF I want to be vegan, the question was only HOW. The first months were pretty rough and I told nobody about it, except my brother and mom. Then it became easier and I got used to it. Therefore I decided to tell my friends about and again, some couldn't stand the thought of me being so different. I lost friendships I thought that could last forever. People started to bully me again and all of a sudden I became outcast. But this time some friends stayed with me. They didn't care about what I eat, they said. So even if some people were mean to me I learnt how to deal with it. It gets better, I guess. People stop talking behind your back when you show them that you don't care at all. Maybe it's also because they get older and more mature. Many are at university now and some of those kids that bullied me back them apologised. I start to live my life as normal as possible now. Becoming vegan made me strong and I never regret it at any time. 

It's important to be honest and in peace with yourself. All those people gossiping aren't and most of the time I feel sorry for them, because I am happy and really believe they don't. I can't imagine a life without veganism and I think without all those thing I'd be a completely different person now and I'm truely happy with the way how I live now and who I am. 

Love, Franziska

6 years ago, a friend passed away of cancer at a young age.  I was filled with questions about why that happened.  Although I still can't answer that question, I ended up doing a lot of research into health, and everything I found pointed to reducing or eliminating consumption of animal products.  I was planning to cut down on meat but not eliminate it altogether.  However, at the same time my husband and I watched an HBO special by PETA about turkey farming.  We were both so shocked and horrified that we agreed together that day to go vegetarian.  We have not eaten meat since, and in fact we are mostly vegan.  I never cook with animal products but we occasionally will have dairy when we dine out.

Ingesting dead animal flesh is THE major cause of many cancers.  Particularly colon cancer.

Vegetarian since birth.

Reasons: Religious

Wow!  You were born religious?  Impressive.

Well, I didn't say that. It's you who interpreted that way (although I don't have any problems with it)

My family (and community) are vegetarians for religious reasons. So I was vegetarian when I was born. Later, I too stayed vegetarian for religious reasons.

I started off not eating veal (for obvious reasons) about 20 years ago, then about 3 years ago I went vegetarian after watching Katie Couric's interview with Ellen Degeneres. With that, I encouraged my children, future son in law and my husband to watch EARTHLINGS. Since that day, they are all vegetarians/vegans. I learned, recently about the dairy industry and went vegan over a month ago. My reason: "WHEN YOU PUT SOMETHING THAT'S FILLED WITH FEAR OR ANXIETY OR PAIN INto YOUR BODY, THAT THAT SOMEHOW GETS INSIDE OF YOU."

Why would eating veal be any different from executing any other animal for our eating pleasure?  To me, the reasons are not obvious.


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