Hi, how long have you all been vegetarian? And why do you choose to be vegetarian?

Please share your vegetarian experience with us!

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I always get the gag reflex when i smell meat in general...

I am vegetarian for 7 years now, and im tarting to become vegan !!!!

Go, Juan!

I'm vegetarian for 24 years already as to observe the precept of no killing;)

Right on, Ottillia! :-)

I made my first attempt to quit eating red meat in 1982. Some of my friends were giving up red meat for health concerns. My father died in 1966 at age 51 of prostate cancer. My mother had degenerative heart disease and had a heart attack, followed by bypass surgery in 1977-78. She eventually died of heart disease in 1989. I ate red meat maybe once, or twice in the year or so after my decision to quit it. By 1985, my last consumption of red meat was well in my past, and I gave up seafood, poultry, and dairy products. The things that have always give me the most trouble have been the insidious animal products as ingredients. I have no way of knowing how much/many of them I have eaten, but I am aware of some of the more obvious instances.

I can't say I'm vegan, because I have never completely omitted honey from my diet. I've eaten in restaurants many times, and unless I eat in one that strictly adheres to vegan principles the likelihood of eating a non-vegan meal is always a concern, even when ordering that which may be thought of as vegan. In recent years, my commitment to a vegan lifestyle was not as strong as it should have been. I ate many things, particularly of a confectionary nature, that contained eggs, and/or milk.

At this time, I reject all dietary animal products except honey. I don't buy honey, but I won't say that I would refuse to consume something that contains honey. This may change.

I add that my apparel has never been vegan, although I have decided that I will no longer buy apparel that is made of animal products. I do not plan to dispose of the apparel items that are made form animal products that I now own until they are no longer useful. If I can afford to replace them, I may decide otherwise.

I wouldnt throw away all your non vegan clothes even if you get replacements until what you bought fall apart at the seams. I think that if you already bought it before, then throwing it away would be a double whammy. I would just phase them out. Yeah, some people would judge, but people will always judge no matter what. It looks like u are a vegan. I dont think anyone is 100% vegan though many try to be. Your efforts are very admirable :)

I believe if anything is already used, you can keep it. I agree with you. Just start phasing it out. My friend thought she needed to get rid of her leather couch. I told her not too - until she buys a new one. I couldn't wear a fur, even if it were used, it would only remind me of the suffering. But I still have leather shoes and furniture as well. Just honor those items and send them compassion (as silly as that sounds).

I have been a vegetarian now for almost 6 months.  I became a vegetarian because I couldn't stand seeing animals treated that way anymore.  I saw a few video's and it sickened me.  Put me right off meat.  I will never touch meat again for as long as I live.  I have lost the friendship of one family member because of my views and because I tried to show her where her meat was coming from.  Her loss.

Exactly. HER loss. Anyone who chooses kindness over cruelty is a hero in my opinion. THAT family member who dismisses you for being the KIND soul that you are is simply confused. That person is probably struggling with her/his blood-thirsty taste bud's demands and knowing the TRUTH that you have presented and have chose to live. It's more about him/her being frustrated with your strength to do the right thing. I'm proud of you! I quit meat 33 years ago and also would NEVER go back. If you want to stay a veg, don't EVER give in! I've back slid on cheese during my venture to go vegan, but I have now lost the cravings. And it's only been about 3 weeks! As long as we move forward, we are on the right path!  

I first became a vegetarian when I was 15 mainly because it was the thing to do back then, I didn't really understand it too much, but slid back to meat a few years later.  But have learned much more since then and became a vegetarian proper earlier this year.  I know so much more than I did when I was 15.  My family didn't understand at all.  This was before computers so I couldn't really do proper research back then, and didn't know where to go to find out more.  Now I do.  Still learning to cook vegetarian, buying lots of books.  Am getting better all the time.  But where I live there is not much in the way of shops that sell decent food, just starting to grow some of my own food.


Sharon, there are amazing videos on youtube for cooking ideas. If you want to make fake corn beef, and other meat-like foods, check them out. Seitan is a life saver. It's so easy to make and my mom thought it tasted like weinerschnitzel!


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