How many of you are aware of the "E" numbers in processed/packaged foods?

Here's my shopping guide for when I'm outside of India (...because India has this amazing system of marking all processed food packages with a green mark for vegetarian and a red mark for non-vegetarian):

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E-numbers tick me off, so I generally don't buy products with them. I can't even remember the few that I'm allergic to, let alone any of these. Thankfully, it's not difficult to find products without e-numbers around here.

I usually stay away from packaged foods, but when I buy anything with e-numbers I use a phone-app to check if I'm unsure what the e-number is. I also use the app if I'm not sure if a product is tested on animals or not.

Ohh God.. this very informative .
thanks for posting this!!!

It is my duty to do so, Kavita :)

There is an new app called "is it vegan" and you can scan items.  Has anyone tried this yet??

Thanks for the images! I usually spend a lot of time googling for an emulsifier to learn if it is vegan.

Most people count calories, not the chemicals!

I haven't used E-numbers before. In the US, for the organic processed food they usually have little logo whether it's vegetarian or vegan-friendly (leaping bunny for animal cruelty-free). I also look at the ingredients to make sure it's what I'm looking for. In general, I have a short list of items I would purchase. Anything new get purchased once for closer inspection at home.


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