Soy has been marketed as healthy but I know it's not true. Aside from my own personal experiences, I have done a lot of research. My mission is to warn others. I have attached a link to my article for those who are interested in my own experiences. I Learned The Hard Way How Dangerous Even “Fermented” Soy Is…

There appears to be a divide in the vegan community when it comes to soy. So, I'm really curious to know how many people are aware of the dangers and if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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can anyone tell me why soy is genitically modified crop in such a huge scale?

Hi Abhijit:)

My guess is because it is mass produced, for reasons outside of consumption and GM crops are more economical. Soy beans are mass produced for Biocomposites, Biodiesel, fluids, lubricants, ink, foam, plastic and crayons. GM crops have a built in pesticide which helps farmers save money.

For animal feed. Same with corn, which is actually worse due to the higher pesticide usuage. GM crops are engineered to withstand higher and higher dosages of pesticides, so that the plant doesn't die when you spray it with pesticides. As weeds and pests build-up a resistance to the pesticide, higher dosages and stronger pesticides are used to kill the "super weeds, super bugs" so the seed is re-engineered to withstand the stronger pesticides. Pesticide companies make a ton of money this way, farmers are trapped in an endless cycle of constantly buying seeds and upping pesticide usage. It's so companies like Bayer, Syngenta, Monsanto, etc.... keep making more and more money by selling more product.

Guys I'v been reading your comments on thise topic, and I have to say that ya'll got me thinking a lot. Cause ever since I stopped consuming meat, I've been using soy as a substitute for meat.So this topic its very alarming for me cause I literaly live on soy, especial soya chunks.I have'nt been aware of any side effects yet.Maybe the effect its emotionaly.

Hi Microcosm,

My mom is visiting me. I just read your response to her and she said that it took a while for her to notice anything (at least three years). Then her face broke out. She had a big black bump...I also remember seeing her with smaller odd looking brown bumps. She said that nothing she used would make it go away. 

After speaking with me, she stopped intentionally eating soy and did a fast and herbal cleanse. It went away and then when she ate it again, the bumps came back. That's when she knew it was the soy. She  had started reading labels and noticed that soy was in everything (organic products) she was eating. 

Good  luck with your research. I listed the links for two books as well as articles in this thread.

I think it would be hard to do a side by side comparison of say US health vs. Asian health in regards to soy consumption. So many other factors are different. For example, Asians have only recently began the consumption of processed food and they have yet to reach the US's scale of junk food consumption. They lean more towards herbal healing than chemical pharmaceuticals and supplements. Their soy consumption is far less than that of US consumption. Plus, as Chui pointed out, they mostly consume fermented soy.

is that true????

I eat soy tofu once a week or more. am I at risk?

You brought up a good point, Chiu..."that it wasn't fit for consumption." It reminds me of my main stance. The fact that raw soy beans are toxic to humans and monogastric animals is nature's way of telling us not to eat it. I believe that anything that has to be altered in order to be eaten is ultimately not healthy. Even fermented soy is high in sodium. As I wrote in my article, goitrogens (thyroid inhibitors) remain intact even following fermentation. Info can be found at

Daily protein comes very easily without it, except if you are an athlete, then you need 1.2g per kg and that gets harder without soy. I wouldn't consider any of the called soy dangers without evidence though.

Thanks for sharing, Michelle. I don't have much knowledge on soy and keep wondering why mum tells me that soy is not good, don't drink so much soy milk, bla bla bla. I am a huge fan of tofu though, so I think I probably have to cut on it. Never did I realize that soy is THIS harmful!

Sometimes, mother really does know best Sharon;)

Hey Michelle

Thanks for sharing again.Since I've read your warning, I've been doing some researching, and I found out that soy its realy not good at all, especialy the GMO soy products. But still, I have'nt been aware of any side effects yet.So I've decided to stop using it for a while and see if theres any improvement in my wellbeing, not that theres anything I would complain about, but maybe I havent been aware any..


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