Soy has been marketed as healthy but I know it's not true. Aside from my own personal experiences, I have done a lot of research. My mission is to warn others. I have attached a link to my article for those who are interested in my own experiences. I Learned The Hard Way How Dangerous Even “Fermented” Soy Is…

There appears to be a divide in the vegan community when it comes to soy. So, I'm really curious to know how many people are aware of the dangers and if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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That's true, Sarah. GMO is a big part of the problem with soy.

People with the type O paleolithic blood type may have trouble with digesting beans.

Hey Jonathan:)

I thought everyone had trouble digesting beans; hence, the gas....

I appreciate the effort you have put to make people aware of the dangers of soy. I for one have had no issue with it, I dont consume it that often but I enjoy it when I do. In Australia I believe that no GMO products are allowed to be sold. At least the soy stuff I consume says non GMO.

Thanks Brianna:) I am glad other countries are making efforts to protect citizens from GMO.

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Thanks, Enna:)

Check out Dr. Oz on the subject and also

Very balanced and calm approach to the subject.  :-)

Thanks for sharing, Alyson:-)

more that's kinda depressing, I consume soy like all the time, one of my favourites. really don't know what to do now

Agreed, Abishek. I mean, I never liked tofu but I used to love soy milk and vegan dishes made with soy cheese. Now it's just depressing that soy is in almost everything. I know that most restaurants are using soy bean oil or other soy products in the food.


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