Soy has been marketed as healthy but I know it's not true. Aside from my own personal experiences, I have done a lot of research. My mission is to warn others. I have attached a link to my article for those who are interested in my own experiences. I Learned The Hard Way How Dangerous Even “Fermented” Soy Is…

There appears to be a divide in the vegan community when it comes to soy. So, I'm really curious to know how many people are aware of the dangers and if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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i dont consume any soy products.  The reason being 90% gmo crops.

Good point, Chris:)

Thank you for your information. I have had issues with soy and although i do drink it i limit my intake. I have been known to have Hypothyroidism and have noticed that when i drink alot of soy for about a week i become very emotional and moody. I shared my awareness with my very well educated on nutrition, chiropractor and he informed about the estrogen levels in soy. I stopped drinking it and surprise surprise i was back to my happy self again. I told him that i tried my son on siy and it caused havoc with his digestive system and he wasn't the same. My chiro told me that if i am going to feed soy to my child, that i might as well inject him with steroids :-( Needless to say he now drinks Almond milk. What are your thoughts on almond milk or rice milk?


Wow, thank you for your reply, Skye! I knew about the estrogen but it never occurred to me that it would affect emotions. I also like what your chiro said. I'm going to steal that one;) Almond milk is less detrimental but there are still additives in store-bought brands. You can make it yourself with a good blender and some water. There are some recipes that you can easily Google. I do not believe in daily consumption of nuts because they create uric acid in the body. I'm not certain, yet, how almond milk comes into play but since they are watered down & some people actually soak the nuts, blanch, blend and strain them. I imagine that the left over liquid may not be as bad. My body is really sensitive to stuff, after a fast; so, one of these days I'll make almond milk and test the results. I'm mostly fruitarian and  when I go weeks with just fruit, that's the only time, I have eaten nuts. My limit is a handful and I mix them with raisins to aid digestion. Still, I can feel the acid (pain), briefly in my vains, when I eat them.

Rice milk, on the other hand, is very toxic. For starters, white rice has arsenic in it. I really appreciate this question as you have given me another topic to write about:)

Hi Nic Marie:)  I like your image. What is it?

I've never tried hemp milk. I pretty much stopped using milk for anything other than cooking. However, I'm always looking for soy alternatives to recommend. Please let me know how it is...

Wow! That's amazing! Was it in a tank? It looks like an under water shot.

Looks like I confused you about the milk. I use coconut milk for cooking. My clients are usually looking for milk substitutes for other reasons like to drink or for cereal. Hemp seems like it could be a good source. Just curious...

I ate tofu last night.  Last night i was very unbalanced.  I took two ambien instead of one(an overdose).  It makes sense that the estrogen could have caused it.  Usually I'm not so swayed by things that are out of my control...

Perhaps it was the overdose of ambien which caused the imbalance? o_O

I laid in bed for a while after taking the first one.  My body was buzzing and i couldn't lay still. I've got an awful crush on a girl from GLBTA club and I tried to make her question her orientation a week ago because she wanted to go to dinner alone with me again... The imbalance precipitated the overdose.

Thanks for sharing, Johnathan. The ambien (acid chemical like all drugs) will cause a long-term affect over time since they stay in the body until you do a long fast and cleanse the body. Here are the short term side affect reported:

When I eat something that makes me feel bad, I usually use an herbal laxative like Cascara Sagrada and then drink 3 liters of water to get it out as quickly as possible.

It's healthy due to nutrients, but has been linked to bad stuff. I don't consume it too often anyway.

I'd also say you might be biased on it since you actually react to it... Personally I'm inclined to support the idea that carrageenan is carcinogenic and dangerous, but how many people are going to quit buying their favorite foods just because of the thought that it may be? Carrageenan saturates the food market just like soy--who's going to bother just because it may affect them with the same reaction I've had or with cancer? Chances are, with both carrageenan and soy, most people are not going to be affected negatively by it as long as they consume it in moderate amounts.

Sorry if I seem harsh, but I'm always extremely critical of anything saying something so vehemently negative about a certain food.

It's all good, Ryan:)  You are absolutely right! There are some people who will always eat stuff that they know is not good for them. My goal is to warn people so that they know that if something is not right or if they become ill, they will know the source of their illness.

I am an Ehretist so I do not view food in terms of nutrients. Arnold Ehret helped thousands of people reverse their illnesses.... from blindness, schizophrenia and kidney diseases to  issues like paralysis and stuttering. He did this based on his theory that constipation is the cause of 99% of diseases...thereby, building excess mucus in the system. I have also helped more than 400 people with diseases.

I view food based first on the body's ability to easily eliminate the food and second in terms of the acid that it contributes to the blood-stream which ultimately stores in the joints and causes pain in the body. Soy is a very tough bean. Ford was the first to use it to make dash-boards. I view it as plastic! We cannot digest plastic. Soy clogs the digestive tract and the blood-stream..which clogs the arteries, etc. and leads to disease over time...


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