Soy has been marketed as healthy but I know it's not true. Aside from my own personal experiences, I have done a lot of research. My mission is to warn others. I have attached a link to my article for those who are interested in my own experiences. I Learned The Hard Way How Dangerous Even “Fermented” Soy Is…

There appears to be a divide in the vegan community when it comes to soy. So, I'm really curious to know how many people are aware of the dangers and if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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Hey Microcosm:)

It's good that you are open to testing your body. I always encourage that with clients. A good test would be one-two months. See what happens. The important thing is that now you have the awareness. If you decide to eat soy again and you become ill. You will know what may have caused it.

Hi Stephan:) I appreciate your comment. I believe that the majority of food allergies point to a food that's unhealthy for everyone. Some people react faster than others. I know this is a rare point of view in a world where the body is treated in separate pieces and there is a separate doctor for various locations of the body (e.g. Pediatrist, Nephrologist, Dermatologist, Oncologist, Gynecologist, etc.

Thanks Mongi:)  

I like the way you break down the soy digestion issue. The majority of my clients fail to understand how many bowel movements they should have in a day. They actually thought one small log per day was healthy. Meanwhile, they were eating three large meals with hefty snacks in between...

I was like you, in regards to soy. I liked soy drinks (esp chocolate). I never cared much for tofu but went a period (4-6 weeks?) in which I was totally dependent on restaurant food, as I wrote in my post. I actually liked some of the food they made. Thankfully, I learned the truth early!

I'm aware of the dangers but much like everything else the whole food industry is just filled with dangers. From can and pan linings, to bpa, to gmos, added ingredients, artificial ones, fillers, etc. I limit my consumption but let myself enjoy some products from time to time because honestly eating healthy in the US can be a FUCKING HASSLE unless all you eat is produce. But even then you need to know the pesticide herbicide use rate. Everything
It's all very sad really... but hey I do my best being vegan and health conscious.

I feel you Leanna. I was just thinking about that, navigating the wholistic lifestyle is complex. I have faith that there will be a huge shift in consciousness, in the next five-ten years..back to nature...Hopefully, there will be less of a hassle to live healthy...

In the meantime, I do my best like you. At least you have the awareness and limit your consumption.

I make a conscious effort to avoid soy, bpa, toxic pans and dangerous ingredients when I cook but I have no control over restaurant food.... 

Estogen and gmo = not good

Thanks for your reply, jet rink;) Have you had any adverse reactions?

I do drink it because of what it does to your estrogen levels; it can either help or hinder.  It can put you into early menopause , on the other hand, it can help you can pregnant or help out with menopausal symptoms.   Depends on your body chemistry, I think.

Hi Camille:) Would you mind sharing how it has helped you?

Of all of the lies that are out there about food the "soy-is-dangerous-to-your-health" one baffles me the most.
Soy may mimic estrogen in the body but I very highly doubt it as there are me peer reviewed studies to prove this. The estrogen in soy products is a plant based estrogen (called a "phyto-estrogen) and does not and cannot react the same way that animal based estrogens do.

Just as it's probably bad to eat 15 apples a day, it's probably bad to drink 15 glasses of soy milk/servings of tofu. It was never meant to be consumed in vast quantities and this is where people probably run in to issues. Also if you buy GMO or pesticide riddled products of course there is a possibility that you will run in to issues.

How could soy have been consumed in the Asia's for millennia and not have bad results reported and documented? It's crushed beans for heavens' sake.

I did research too, all the results I came up with said the dairy industry made these lies up because soy milk was beginning to compete with the dairy industry. We know that the dairy, egg and meat industry are not above feeding lies to consumers (it's how they prospered in the first place).

Hi Natasha:) I agree that the meat & dairy industry has misinformed consumers in the name of profit. The Soy industry is also very prosperous and there's a good chance that they have inflated claims that soy is nutritious.

In terms of quantities of soy, there's so much of it in everything, you would have to avoid eating anywhere other than your own home in order to escape it. It's my understanding that Asian have eaten mostly fermented soy and in smaller quantities than we have.

I think this is exaggerated. GMO soy and other products looks unhealthy. Organic soy cannot be bad unless consumed too much causing nutrition imbalance. Even water if consumed excessively would cause health problems due to imbalance.


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