How Many vegetarian from you have a dog?

i have a cat <3

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Enna, I have 15 dogs, no cats. All my veg friends have at least 1 animal.

15?????? WOW. Are those rescued dogs?

I have a Cat and a Dog :3

15 dogs , Oh damn Haha this is just awesome :) do you take care of them all ?

How are u living with your Dog and cat michael?

I have two dogs......

i have 7 cats , 6 dogs and 4 turtles :D

Woow 17 anmials :D

i have one cat , and he just make me crazy sometimes!

mine too but they are so cute !! i just can't live without them ! ))

I have four mutts in my care and they're a handful.
I have 3 doggies :)


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