Tofu is a magical delicious food. The ways to eat/cook it are endless which makes me fully believe I could eat it everyday. It got me thinking though, is there such a thing as too much tofu (gasp)?  I started questioning tofu the other day when I realized that I tend to eat it almost everyday. I wanted to dig a little deeper  and find out if this was a healthy decision for my body. There's numerous studies... about a hundred and seventy of them,  about how too much soy is bad for you, but there are just as many studies proving them wrong. Which leads me to wonder, does soy cause men to grow female like breasts? Is there some imbalance of hormones inside this slimy food?  Most of the studies told me that  us "westerners" do not consume fermented soy, but rather un-fermented soy....but what does that really mean? Is eating tofu worse than eating meat? Is my fried tofu going to cause more damage to my body than your cheese burger? Probably not.  I for one would like to assume that this protein packed soy brick is great for my body. Tofu is an amazing source of all eight amino acids, iron, calcium, and other micro-nutrients...all of the stuff that our vegetarian bodies are missing. Like everything else in the world tofu is great in moderation. All of these "truths about soy" articles can't all be correct since they contradict one another. I say listen to your body and do research and anything that come in contact with your body. As far as I'm concerned tofu is here to stay.

 What do you think? Also, what's you're favorite way to eat/cook tofu?

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Five pieces a day are enough to make me lustful. Just imagine how powerful it can be. But excessive intake would never be harmful like what the corpse-pieces would do to you, if you have enough exercise. It is obviously great for building up muscles. I can break bricks with knuckles because the estrogen in it has helped me to absorb calcium better throughout the years. Good or bad it is yours to experiment with, not through those boastful studies. You can easily find some Chinese or South-East-Asian tofu-cuisines from the internet if you're not a raw vegan. But it can be eaten raw or quick-steamed or dip-boiled. Mmmmmmmm just yummy!

I eat tofu maybe 1-2 times per week. I love it but honestly it IS a processed food so I try to limit it for that reason.

I personally don't eat tofu. It contains soy because of the soybean. I know there is a lot of information about it ( mostly contradictory ) but soy contains phyto estrogens. This acts like estrogen in the body and a lot of processed food can severally affect the estrogen levels in our body. As a female, we need a very delicate balance of estrogen and progesterone so we can menstruate properly. I know that I have incredibly imbalanced hormones and I'm working on that So I'm staying away from soy as much as I can. I don't think eating tofu is worse than meat.If you do want to eat soy, I would suggest tempeh or misu soup where the food is fermented. Fermented is when they put it in a glass jar and it changes it's composition and is easier to digest. 

Mhmm until I turn into tofu , that will be too much tofu (-w-s) meow meow meow !!!


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