Hello there, this is my first discussion and I want to know if you guys ever suffered rejection from your family because you don't eat meat. I've been a vegetarian for a month now and my family was way too rough when I made the decision. The following happened to me a few minutes ago.

My mom went out to the market to get us some lunch and she brought me a lasagna, since she was going to eat a chicken. I open the lasagna and before I put it in the oven, I decided to read the ingredients to see if there was any meat in there, and fortunately, I discovered that the cheese was processed with bacon to get more flavor. I told my mom that, and said I was sorry but I wouldn't eat that. She, then, told me, and i quote: "It's just a little bacon, it won't do you any harm, you won't get intoxicated or something". I told her (again, I have to explain it to her every time) why I wasn't eating meat: I don't want to be a part of the industry that kills hundreds of innocent animals a day, I don't feed off of a dead animal, we are all the same... She started yelling and stuff, saying that by smoking i'm a part of an industry that kills thousands because of cancer, that I'm taking away her peace and she was going to take me to a doctor because I wasn't getting enough nutrients and i had bags under my eyes (i had just woke up, btw). Well, the thing is we started crying, she yelling at me and when I started saying that smoking was a choice I was making (and i smoke a cigarrete every now and then, I don't consider myself an addict) and that the animal that was killed to mix a part of him to the cheese so it would taste better had no choice at all, she left me speaking alone and locked herself in her bedroom.

What can a person do when something like that happens often and from your own mom? How to deal with her, when she doesn't even want to understand your choice? It gets me really upset because becoming a vegetarian was a decision that made me really really happy... Sorry for the bad english btw. (:

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I agree. When I dicided to get vegetarian, even I never bought meat in the supermarket- I bought it from a farmer where the cows are during summer in the mountains and can stroll all day long- and I know that she is crying when she has to slaughter a cow because she saw her growing up,but it's part of her income - my family and my friends were upset. You can't do that. Humans are omnivores - they need meat.eat meat and you will be in a better mood - you look bad since you didn't eat meat. I'm happy with my desicion even I have to prepare meat for my fsmily. Even friends wanted to convince me to eat meat.
Now they are used to it abd live with it - I never talk to them about my vegetarianism and I don't explain anything I eat what I want to eat and they get their meatmeals.Sometimes I'm preparing vegetarian meals and they like them - and best thing even I never tried to convince anybody of my fsmily members or my friends to go vegetarian my daughter is now meatfree for one week - saying she doesn't know if she could live thus way forever -but thanks to her she's trying it.

That's nonsense!  At best, we are opportunistic "omnivores" and this is only because our primitive ancestors played "monkey see, monkey do".  They saw carnivores killing other animals and, because they were curious creatures, they decided to see what they were missing.  True omnivores have dentition that looks like a cross between carnivores and herbivores.  Yet, over all the thousands of years we have been evolving, we still retain essentially herbivore teeth:  flat for grinding, NOT sharp and pointed for ripping flesh apart.


Also:  our digestive tracts are not really designed to digest meat...which is why, mostly, it just rots in our guts rather than being absorbed.  Why do you think that meat-eaters have so many digestive problems while vegetarians/ vegans have much less?  In fact, vegetarians/ vegans generally are healthier than meat-eaters.


Even our appendixes...which were theorized to have been used to help break down fur...have become vestigial organs which is why their only use is to give us appendicitis attacks.


And:  you're really stretching it when you claim that meat-eaters are in better moods than vegetarians/ vegans.  In fact, most of the nastiest, unhappiest people I have met, over the years, were meat-eaters...AND they were frequently overweight!

Keep patiently explaining. There's a huge cognitive dissonance going on for most people. Think about how long it too you to get there. I had a neighbor who made chicken soup for me years ago when I was sick. She told my ex husband that she knows I don't eat meat, but i could just pick the chicken out. Some people really just don't understand.

Laura:  I wouldn't waste my time.  It's kinda like Louis Armstrong used to say when somebody asked him to describe what "Jazz" was:  "If I have to explain it to you, you'll STILL never understand!"

I think this is just the begining for you ..I have 9 years vegetarian and my family  and friends still don't understand me why I don't eat meat .I explained  to them only once ...If they wanna know thats Ok If not just go one with your decision ..It's your life ;)

I'm so sorry your Mum reacted like that. You've made your lifestyle choices and that's all you can do. It sounds to me like your Mum probably can't understand or handle the fact that she can't control your thoughts, feelings, wants and wishes like she could when you were her little girl. Hopefully by now, she's coming to understand vegetarianism better. If not, how about going shopping with her to get things in that can be frozen and cooked easily when you go round. Meat eaters sometimes find it tedious reading the labels for the hidden and not so hidden ingredients.

My Nan (bless her) made a roast dinner when my youngest sister was newly vegetarian. Luckily I saw the potatoes come out of the oven and alerted my sister that they'd been cooked in the same tin as the chicken. We carefully mentioned it to be told "I was careful and put them round the edge of the pan and not near the chicken." Took a while to help her understand that the chicken fat would have got into the potatoes and they can't be cooked in the same pan.

Reasons for going vegetarian don't really have any effect on meat eaters as they see nothing wrong with their lifestyle choice. I think it's better to try and help them to see what you can eat rather than what you can't. I went vegetarian as I didn't like the greasy taste of meat fat when I was eating it and have only recently been looking at the animal side of it all whereas it was animal welfare all the way with my sister.

I don't think that it's true that giving reasons for not consuming animals has no effect on meat eaters precisely because they DO know there's something wrong with it. Our moral intuition is that we do share something common with animals and that is sentience. Not eating meat is much, much more than merely a lifestyle choice. It is a MORAL choice! That's why meat eaters sometimes get so upset or so confused by it, because basically when they meet a vegan they are forced to confront the contradiction between this intuition and their behavior.

I used to get upset if my food was cooked on the same griddle or in the same pan. While I still do avoid it, I don't freak out about it anymore. My aim is to not support the meat, dairy and egg industry, not to keep my body pure of animal products per say.

What will POSSIBLY have more effect on carnivores is showing them vids and pics of what happens in a slaughterhouse.  FB has a particularly shocking page: "Now that you know me, please don't eat me".  I'm a blooded combat veteran and have seen some pretty terrible things...but some of the stuff they show on their page is very difficult to look at.  Have your carnivore friends check that page out...IF they have the stomach to do so!!!

really you should go shopping with your mum so then you can show her before it has been paid for what you can have... and focus on the cans not the cant's  as much as you can....you want to show there is a big variety and that you are not missing out on anything. and as long as you eat properly you wont miss out on any nutrients. there are lots of vegetarian friendly lasagna out there, and you can tell by the picture on the box or the name of it if it will be at least close to being suitable or not. check your labels and do your brand research before you go out to buy stuff, it will make it easier... with some people i wont launch into a big speach about the 1000s of animals who die for food all the time as i know they will just switch off, i will simply say that i don't eat meat /dairy. end of.  

This is a really tough one, Camila (and your English is excellent).

I'm afraid you will have to stick to your beliefs and ask your mother to respect yours and it's your right to decide what you put into your body. However, it doesn't sound like it's going to be very easy and my heart goes out to you :/

Hello, for a lot of women giving food to their children is like give them love, so maybe, and I say MAYBE because I am not in your mother's mind, your mother unconsciously think :"my kid doesn't want my food, she is rejecting me" . Of course you are not rejecting her, but try to make it clear to your mother..." dear mum, I am doing this because I want to be healthier, so you will have a healthier child..."


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