I am writing this here, because I know, that no one else would understand besides people who feel it the same way as I do. My parents and almost all people in my area think that I am a fool and I can´t redeem this world through my vegetarianism and possibly veganism. But I got used to it. It was really hard and it took me a lot of time, but it is possible.

I love animals, I have two cats and one dog and I love them more than my own life. Now I study at University and I discovered that there are at least 3 or 4 cats „living“ near one residential building. I can see them almost every day as I walk to get my lunch or just more suitable transport. It didn´t leave mi cold and so I thought about ways how to help them, especially now, when it´s winter. Whenever I can, I left them some ham. I am still trying to find someone, who could care of them, so they don´t have to stay at streets, where their lives are threatened by cars and possibly people. This step was quite challenging because of my extreme introversion. But I thought about these cats. But I can´t change people´s minds, even though it would be very useful to have such power. I can´t take them home because of my parents. It is a secret life of mine. No one from my family knows about that.

One day as I walked to leave these cats some ham, so they could eat, one man “attacked” me with words, that I should not be supporting them. I was shaken by his inability to be more empathetic. I left a ham there and went home as fast as I could.

From that moment I am afraid of going there, although I try to fight with my fear and I could not live with thought, that I didn´t do anything although I could. I fear that my actions would cause these cats more harm than good. What if one day someone will lose his patience and try to harm them? I am already afraid of spring because of kittens. I am afraid of reactions of people.

I don´t know what to do. It is a burden I´m carrying with me everywhere I go. What can be done?

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Hi :) I think you should find out online if any animal charities can help by emailing any local to you. If there aren't any near you then I see no problem with you feeding the Cats. Really they need neutering and rehoming, but if that isn't a possibility, then I don't see how you feeding them can cause harm. They are less likely to stray for food and are safer if you feed them. The problem is kittens as you say. Visit them at a time that you feel safe, and don't ever let anyone threaten you. Talking to people on here for support too is good :)

Hi Lucia. Sorry to see you're having such a tough time. If you feel intimidated, would you be able to ask someone to come with you for support?


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