so I wrote a status on facebook that went something like this:

Saying you’re against animal cruelty but still consuming meat is like saying you’re against racism but you make weekly donations to the KKK..

of course meat eaters came out and started to protest against how I feel..which whenever I write anything else, nobody responds but once I POST something about my diet and how I feel..they like to attack me.

one of them said : I was vegetarian for ages so I can argue both sides but in reality they are ours to eat because it is the natural food chain. They have to be eaten in reality because it's the process of life. If everyone was vegetarian then we would have too many animals and we would have to kill them all anyway

to which I replied : so it must be a process of life to rape and murder too huh? after's "part of life" no..i do not agree. in that case lets continue to kill humans as well since we overpopulate the your logic, that doesn't make sense


she than said :By my logic that is the natural process of things. It's how it should be, it should happen, animals eat other animals dont they? I think you're forgetting we are animals too.

I got really upset and replied : think you are forgetting that UNLIKE animals below us,we have the intelligence and means to live without meat..scientifically we do not NEED to eat meat ,we are not build for it. by your logic..I think you need to do more research. enjoy your meat and dairy. and no it's not how it should be or how it should happen..

I had to end it..I am not very good with debates and handing out facts as I am still new to this.(7 months) and i have a REALLY hard time putting my foot down and debating my side and how I feel without feeling lost for words or angry.

can anybody help me? I don 't like debates..I just need to know how to handle stuff like this better. 

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not all animals eat other animals. people are so stupid sometimes... she's got no sense, "animals" also mate to procreate and not for the pleasure of it and they don't use contraceptives and kill the unborn unwanted babies, so using her logic, she's supposed to only have sex to make babies, and only do that when she's ovulating :) try to use this on her :)) see what she has to say about it 

You don't need to defend yourself. They are ignorant by choice. They're not gonna suddenly change for you. Just know you are doing the right thing and let others make their own choices. If they ask for info, then give it...

I think that your initial status was a pretty strong comment. It would get on some of the more sensitive folks' nerves. Some meat-eaters can laugh it off and agree that they were in the wrong, while others can't. Some people want to feel that they are doing good in their lives and this statement can come off as they are rather pretentious: promoting killing by eating meat while faking compassion or having selective compassion for animals. I guess the ex-vegetarian person was one of them.

You can take one of the few courses of action:

(1) Ignore her comment, since some people get excited that they can evoke a response from you.

(2) Answer her with facts without getting angry. Proof her argument doesn't stand the test of facts. For example, it's the natural food chair argument you can point out that we don't truly have meat-eater's teeth. Our canine teeth is more for cracking nut than tearing raw meat. In addition our intestine is extremely long compared to carnivores and ours are more similar to herbivores. As for animal over-population, it's actually more a human factor that we are breeding so many of them for food rather than they can naturally be so many. We are in fact experiencing a lot of animal extinction due to urbanisation, deforestation, and pollution. So no, we won't have much trouble with animals over-populating us into extinction but we'll most probably do the opposite though. As for animals eating other animals and natural process, there are cultures where human eat other humans are perfectly normal and part of daily routine. Also in times of famine, historically people swop children so that they can kill the children for food. She can go looking at Viking history if she is doubtful.

(3) Next time post health-related statements that promote vegetarianism or veganism. People have a tendency of not wanting to suffer through chronicle illnesses and health-realted inconvenience, like libido dysfunction, deteriorating eye-sight, vertigo, and etc. I usually then take them slowly into the animal ethic problems once they are looking at the plant-base diet with new found respect and usually that will slowly phase them off meat with some more help from recipe sharing, restaurant recommendation, shopping suggestions, and etc. ;)

I just read Annes response and totally agree with her, i couldn't say it better myself

Living Vegan means freedom. I'm born in the family of vegans and by choice also I'm a vegan. I live in India and in our history it is vegetarianism all the way. Its only when Indians have started aping the west, that our food habits have declined drastically. I have toured western countries and I have realized that they do not know anything about vegetarianism. Even their sauce has some animal content in it.

If you really want to explore the world of vegetarianism and higher living, come to India and enjoy the dhabas. The menu is full of veg dishes. Dosa, Idli, sambar, vada, uttapam, naan, kulcha, bhatoore, thousand types of parathe, kathi roll, veg roll, tikki, pav bhajji, rajma, thousand types of dal, thousand types of potato dishes, plenty of salads, chole, makke de rote sarson da saag, kadi chawal etc etc..............In sweets you have Gullab Jamun, Rasgulla, Payasam, sweet toast, sweet curd, lassi, jalebi, thousand types of barfi etc etc.....

So the Menu is full. Who needs a dead peace of flesh anyways? That would be so damn boring!

A vegetarian can proudly eat veg 24x7 all the time without an ounce of non-veg in it. A non-veg cannot eat flesh 24x7 all the time. He'll die of malnutrition, cholestrol, lack of fibres etc and more importantly boredom! They have to make it jazzy with spices, salads etc which come under veg category. SO a non-veggie can never be proud of Non-veg habit. EVen when they fall ill, doctor tells them to come to veg diet. Thats how puny, inferior and stupid non-veg is!

So basically, you don't need to debate. Just show how you enjoy life king size with veg food! :)

True that brother! Indian food is so delicious that even when i think about it makes me drool :)


I don't understand the argue kent that the "animals would have to be killed if we didn't eat them because they would become overpopulated." The reason all these animals are in the planet is because so much meat is overconsumed. We're raising all these animals TO BE slaughtered. I tend to not get in arguments because everyone I talk to is ignorant about it.

You could show some sources on the internet, that tells what for damage the meat industrie causes.

  • Wasting Water. The meat industrie uses to much water
  • More than 50% of the pollution is caused due to the meat industry
  • Small food production due to the existence of the meat industry (world hunger, expensive food))
  • Many fraud in the meat industry
  • Government have less money to spent on the education, medical sector etc.

I have seen more sources. The damage is much larger than most people think. The animals aren't the only one who perished. Vegfriend have some interesting articles somewhere on the website.

I want to tell more, but i also want to find the sources where i read it. I also feel bad to tell this, because the damage is much larger than most people think.

You don't have to convince everyone, 1 person at the time.

I struggle with this too! It is hard to avoid without saying anything anyway as most people will start an argument about how you are wrong to be vegan and unhealthy/it is pointless etc. without even trying to convince them of anything. I find it gets better though by arming yourself with as many facts as possible and I see how to answer stupid questions people ask just on the internet if you search :p I still have lots to learn myself as I am already 100% I want to be vegan for the animals without finding facts about nutrition/environment/facts and figures but it would definitely help dealing with other people. I think you could then just answer cooly with facts and not involve too much emotion :) (Definitely a hard one though!)

I have had a history dealing with Non-veggies. Trust me most of them are blind believers in science who do not know anything about science, but yet keep blabbering science like some religion. So even if you outpour a rain of facts, the chances are high it will bounce of their concrete brains. I have learnt, it is better to act cool, how free you are by being a veggie and show them the vast variety and challenge them on their pride. For e.g

1) I simply challenge the non-veg folks to prove me their pride of being a non-veggie by living only on non-veg food 24x7 every day atleast for a month i.e only non-veg and NO veg content in it like spices, pickles or salads. I tell them I have lived all my life without an ounce of non-veg. This is my vegetarian pride. Where is their 'non-vegetarian pride'?

2) Even a doctor tell you to come to veg food when you are diseased. This is how inferior and lowly non-veg is, that non-veg diseased ones have to come to veg diet during their disease.

3) You can be creative. I know women are more creative and I have learnt this from a friend of mine. Some lady forced non-veg on me trying to look cool. I simply told her NO. She asked why. I told her, because the piece of flesh you gladly eat contained a certain amount of its own shit in it. That once-living-animal might have eaten other animal as well and hence that animal's shit. That animal might have eaten lower insects and their shit and so in the process, you eat the 'accumulated shit' of the entire food chain beneath. You even hansomly pay for that shit in big restaurants. Why not eat you own shit with a little tomato sauce on it. Its FREE!

So you see, it depends how you deal! Not really a hard one...

whenever u face such problem again on online bt in reality just dominating others by ur words and smile....yeah a smile without no reason can make the opponent go mad...and show that u r not at all getting angry with that even if u feel suffocation...i'm sure he 'll get fire inside and will get irritated...making u prevail :)


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