so I wrote a status on facebook that went something like this:

Saying you’re against animal cruelty but still consuming meat is like saying you’re against racism but you make weekly donations to the KKK..

of course meat eaters came out and started to protest against how I feel..which whenever I write anything else, nobody responds but once I POST something about my diet and how I feel..they like to attack me.

one of them said : I was vegetarian for ages so I can argue both sides but in reality they are ours to eat because it is the natural food chain. They have to be eaten in reality because it's the process of life. If everyone was vegetarian then we would have too many animals and we would have to kill them all anyway

to which I replied : so it must be a process of life to rape and murder too huh? after's "part of life" no..i do not agree. in that case lets continue to kill humans as well since we overpopulate the your logic, that doesn't make sense


she than said :By my logic that is the natural process of things. It's how it should be, it should happen, animals eat other animals dont they? I think you're forgetting we are animals too.

I got really upset and replied : think you are forgetting that UNLIKE animals below us,we have the intelligence and means to live without meat..scientifically we do not NEED to eat meat ,we are not build for it. by your logic..I think you need to do more research. enjoy your meat and dairy. and no it's not how it should be or how it should happen..

I had to end it..I am not very good with debates and handing out facts as I am still new to this.(7 months) and i have a REALLY hard time putting my foot down and debating my side and how I feel without feeling lost for words or angry.

can anybody help me? I don 't like debates..I just need to know how to handle stuff like this better. 

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i dont put pro vegie/vegan things on my general fb. iv joined serval vegan groups on fb and discuss issues their or on this site. i just cant be arsed constantly defending my possition constantly.

remember to breath. sometimes the best response is to refrain from responding. trolls are everywhere dont feed them and they will starve.

I hate being censored. Self expression and emotions are a key parts in debates and persuasion... Its like they sai its not what uy say but how u say it...   IM workin on being a lot more expressive but I been conditioned to shut down a lot of my natural responses as a human.. I think most of us are conditioned this way...     I'm a very passionnate and expressive person so..   to hell with me "not gettin angry".   If I constantly keep in my head.. " how can i not get mad... or supress my anger I am just betraying myself..  SO fuk it...


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