So some of my family members bought two cats, well needless to say when I went to visit them on day these two cats multiplied into about thirty. Every spring they apparently multiply more and more for obvious reasons. What's so sad about this is that my family members can't afford to feed them and they run into the street and get killed. The ones who don't get killed by cars or foxes sometimes have birth defects due to being inbred. These problems vary from breathing issues to weak immune systems to them just asking "odd and unnatural". To top of these problems, the cats sometimes die from severe eye infections that spread and having to see them suffer breaks my heart but I don't want to send my family to court for animal abuse. I have usually been able to drop in a provide some care but now that I am leaving to college, I have no idea what will happen to these cats but I can only fear for the worse. I have tried to give the strong healthy ones away and help the sick ones but I can not afford it. Is there any way to get these cats help without reporting a case of animal abuse. I know it's wrong to allow these poor animals to suffer but there has already been enough conflict between my uncles and aunts and cousins and this would surely spark a fire. If any of you know any organizations that would take a large number of cats or even provide reduced vet fees please let me know. Also if you know of any solutions to any of these health problems anything will help at this moment but I can't deal with these animals being neglected. I've tried talking to these family members but they don't want the SPCA in it because they claim that they will euthanize them so I'm fighting a losing battle and I really need some advice here. Thanks in advance 

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I'm sorry, but you should definitely report them. Make an anonymous tip. That way you won't get the blame, but they have to be stopped from what they're doing. A lot of the time, they won't press charges if the people simply sign the animals over- at least that was my understanding. Does the Humane Society have a no-kill shelter in your state?

I have been looking around and I found one that is not with the animal society BUT it is a no kill shelter so I think I will leave a tip with them, and also let them know that they have to approach this by letting the people know that they will not be charged as long as they just hand them over. I have had neighbors of my family tell me that they have been tempted to report them so I guess if I have no other way either I do it, and keep the situation calm or a neighbor does it and things get out of hand. Thanks for your advice. I will keep u posted.

Please do, and good luck!

Thanks, im getting some thins worked out as we speak and I think I might take some of them, like the older ones to a farm, where they can catch mice and they wont have to adjust and I can report the others from the mountains where Im moving to so it will avoid conflict

Well personally, the only solution I see is for the male cats to be neutered so that they cannot reproduce.  I have no idea how much that costs,but that is the only thing that would stop the breeding.  So if the breeding stopped, then the cats with defects would never even exist and you wouldn't have to feed them, etc.

But as the problem stands, before any neutering of males or females, I would say if the SPCA does in fact put down the sick cats as a solution, from a karmic point of view anyway, that doesn't solve much.  The cats that are put down would just be reborn with the same karma and continue to suffer.

So aside from getting them neutered, I can only say to dissasociate yourself from the cause of the problem.  Do what you can and what you are capable of and not more.  If you feel overly compelled in a way that it takes away your own energy, then you won't be around much longer to help a cat or other animal that can be helped successfully.  I see nothing wrong with healthy boundries if it means you can continue to care even more than you alrready do.

Well I will be miles out of reach and unable to help them in just a couple of days, so I think I am just going to have to report it from where I am at and hope for the best. I do realize however that some of the very sick cats may have to be put down and it saddens me but you are right. As far as getting the cats fixed, they can't afford it. They live from paycheck to paycheck and having to get even half the cats fixed would be out of there exspenses, I am just hoping that I can contact a no kill shelter and have them approach the problem in a way that will be best both for the animals and my family members.

well if the sick cats behave totally ferral anyway, then I would bet they could live out a normal cat life in the woods somewhere.  then they could hunt mice and so forth until it were time to go the great cat heaven in the sky, where they would merge with the Great Kat!!!!

Thats a pretty good idea, I have been considering taking some of them to an old barn full of mice so they can live on a nice little farm, have shelter and food but i cant do that with all of them because it would be total chaos there.

the main thing as that you are trying and I think anyone would appreciate for that including me.  the cats although conceptually may not be able to recognize your effort, will inevitably benefit from your actions.

I hope it works out.  Did you try puttin adverts around town for adoption?  In every town there is usually at least one or two "cat ladies."  Like women who like to keep loads and loads of cats around there house and they care for them.  I would say hook up with one of them and your problems are solved.  I know one in Oregon.  Where are you located?  Put an advert up on Craig's List.

I just found this link online from ASPCA which answers questions about how to report abuse and whether or not the accused person will go to jail.  It says basically that if it is a first offense, they probably will not, but it varies state to state.

Check it out here:

I hope you are gettting solutions to your problem.

Report it period!!

Hi Amber,

This might be helpful to at least prevent the cat colony from growing even larger:

You deserve a lot of credit for trying to improve the situation! Somehow dealing with our own families is usually one of the harder challenges in life.

Wishing you all the best.


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