The Hunger Argument

  • Number of people worldwide who will die as a result of malnutrition this year: 20 million 
  • Number of people who could be adequately fed using land freed if Americans reduced their intake of meat by 10%: 100 million 
  • Percentage of corn grown in the U.S. eaten by people:20 
  • Percentage of corn grown in the U.S. eaten by livestock:80 
  • Percentage of oats grown in the U.S. eaten by livestock: 95 
  • Percentage of protein wasted by cycling grain through livestock: 90 
  • How frequently a child dies as a result of malnutrition: every 2.3 seconds 
  • Pounds of potatoes that can be grown on an acre: 40,000 
  • Pounds of beef produced on an acre: 250 
  • Percentage of U.S. farmland devoted to beef production: 56 
  • Pounds of grain and soybeans needed to produce a pound of edible flesh from feedlot beef: 16

The Environmental Argument

  • Cause of global warming: greenhouse effect 
  • Primary cause of greenhouse effect: carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels 
  • Fossil fuels needed to produce meat-centered diet vs. a meat-free diet: 3 times more
  • Percentage of U.S. topsoil lost to date: 75 
  • Percentage of U.S. topsoil loss directly related to livestock raising: 85 
  • Number of acres of U.S. forest cleared for cropland to produce meat-centered diet:260 million 
  • Amount of meat imported to U.S. annually from Central and South America:300,000,000 pounds 
  • Percentage of Central American children under the age of five who are undernourished: 75 
  • Area of tropical rainforest consumed in every quarter-pound of rainforest beef: 55 square feet 
  • Current rate of species extinction due to destruction of tropical rainforests for meat grazing and other uses:1,000 per year

The Cancer Argument

  • Increased risk of breast cancer for women who eat meat daily compared to less than once a week: 3.8 times 
  • For women who eat eggs daily compared to once a week: 2.8 times 
  • For women who eat butter and cheese 2-4 times a week: 3.25 times 
  • Increased risk of fatal ovarian cancer for women who eat eggs 3 or more times a week vs. less than once a week: 3 times 
  • Increased risk of fatal prostate cancer for men who consume meat, cheese, eggs and milk daily vs. sparingly or not at all: 3.6 times.

Actually, I don't like to argue with meat eaters. Sometimes they just don't want to listen to you. I just talk to those who want to listen, not to argue. I just post the above arguments for knowledge only, and probably it can be used when some stubborn meat-eaters tend to debate with you. Hope it's useful. 

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Hahah..I was just going say how you win is not to agrue at

how could you have the same opinion as mine? :D.. lol.

I have no clue things happen???hahah

Very good arguments, but the fact is when those people just want to be right and don't lesson there's no point on spending our time argumenting with them... in the end they say all of the theories are bullS*** and where made up! 

The fact is that human's are spoiled brats who think they can use and abuse other species with no consequences. The first thing that should be done is qualify animals as none objects who can't be owned and trade. Animals right's for the top!

But i think these arguments can prove useful, although now a days every-time a meat eater comes and defies me and provoques me to bring evidences i just ignore, because i came to learn that no matter how many profs you bring and how many times you can prove your right and their wrong they just want to see their own way as the right way. And it becomes an endless circle that goes nowhere... i end up deleting friends from facebook because they just decided to defy my believes about animals rights and vegetarianism and turn a simple discussion into a irritating and offensive switch of comments that stresses me and makes me ending up loosing a friend... but in the end who would want that kind of asshole as a friend?

i want more vegetarian friends FOR SURE! :)

in the end they say all of the theories are bullS*** and where made up! 

Know how you feel! With some it feels like it gets to the point where they are like, "Nuh-UH!!! I'm right! Not listening!!!" Lol. What makes me mad is the go-to, "you people are too extreme." I find it extreme to murder millions of animals, put them through living hell, and also hurt the environment as well as other human beings. But when a person tries to attack your character and cannot answer through fact, they are desperately grasping for straws. Agreed, becomes a hopeless circle. Some people want to remain brainwashed.

It's just too harsh that every meat-eater is alike in this point.
They don't want to hear your arguments and most of them already know some main ethnical arguments, but they just go ahead and say: "You're veg*n? But not because of the poor animals?" - "Sure!" - "OMG!".
I mean, I was kinda like that aswell. But they just have to sit down and reflect to understand that this isn't one of these points where you can just look away and think they won't be too bad anyway. Such points don't exist.

So yeah, most times it might be the best not to argue as long as they're not honestly ready to listen to what you're saying and ready for changing theirself.

Yes Lauren! Ugh, I hate when people say that! Or the ever lasting, "you're crazy." I'm crazy?! You're the one eating something that once had an effing face and feelings! People are just so ignorant- they think their meat just appears in the supermarket and nothing had to suffer. Imbeciles I tell ya!


"in the end they say all of the theories are bullS**"

That's when you start dropping the sources :)

You couldn't be more right!


I am actually surprised that people are finding that meat eaters argue with them.  I started vegetarianism in NYC.  Although I kinda joined with a community of vegetarians, plenty of my friends were meat eaters.  When they found I was vegetarian, they were very happy and thought it was cool.  They also wished to be vegetarian.  In fact, many of the restaurants in NY serve vegetarian because it is a cheaper option for people.

In fact, I think that might be one good argument.  That it is cheaper.  Well, but I guess that depends on where you are in the world if it is cheaper or not, but it usually is.  Back in those days, we could get a plate of rice and beans from the puerto rican  joints for just $2!  That was really cheap even back then in the '90s.  It was cheaper than a mixed drink at the bar, which was like $4 if I recall correctly.  Beer was only also about $2, at the bar.  So eating vegetarian was cheaper than getting drunk, so at least for my friends, that was bit of a selling point among those who had a low income.

was it one of the points in your video?  I didn't watch it yet :o

it's quite different from Indonesia where most of the veggie restaurant is more expensive than meat-based restaurant. It's because most of the veggie restaurant here use "fake meat", and that makes it become more expensive.


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