The Hunger Argument

  • Number of people worldwide who will die as a result of malnutrition this year: 20 million 
  • Number of people who could be adequately fed using land freed if Americans reduced their intake of meat by 10%: 100 million 
  • Percentage of corn grown in the U.S. eaten by people:20 
  • Percentage of corn grown in the U.S. eaten by livestock:80 
  • Percentage of oats grown in the U.S. eaten by livestock: 95 
  • Percentage of protein wasted by cycling grain through livestock: 90 
  • How frequently a child dies as a result of malnutrition: every 2.3 seconds 
  • Pounds of potatoes that can be grown on an acre: 40,000 
  • Pounds of beef produced on an acre: 250 
  • Percentage of U.S. farmland devoted to beef production: 56 
  • Pounds of grain and soybeans needed to produce a pound of edible flesh from feedlot beef: 16

The Environmental Argument

  • Cause of global warming: greenhouse effect 
  • Primary cause of greenhouse effect: carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels 
  • Fossil fuels needed to produce meat-centered diet vs. a meat-free diet: 3 times more
  • Percentage of U.S. topsoil lost to date: 75 
  • Percentage of U.S. topsoil loss directly related to livestock raising: 85 
  • Number of acres of U.S. forest cleared for cropland to produce meat-centered diet:260 million 
  • Amount of meat imported to U.S. annually from Central and South America:300,000,000 pounds 
  • Percentage of Central American children under the age of five who are undernourished: 75 
  • Area of tropical rainforest consumed in every quarter-pound of rainforest beef: 55 square feet 
  • Current rate of species extinction due to destruction of tropical rainforests for meat grazing and other uses:1,000 per year

The Cancer Argument

  • Increased risk of breast cancer for women who eat meat daily compared to less than once a week: 3.8 times 
  • For women who eat eggs daily compared to once a week: 2.8 times 
  • For women who eat butter and cheese 2-4 times a week: 3.25 times 
  • Increased risk of fatal ovarian cancer for women who eat eggs 3 or more times a week vs. less than once a week: 3 times 
  • Increased risk of fatal prostate cancer for men who consume meat, cheese, eggs and milk daily vs. sparingly or not at all: 3.6 times.

Actually, I don't like to argue with meat eaters. Sometimes they just don't want to listen to you. I just talk to those who want to listen, not to argue. I just post the above arguments for knowledge only, and probably it can be used when some stubborn meat-eaters tend to debate with you. Hope it's useful. 

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I think more the question is and what I've asked myself a lot is how can we get the most people to change. Smoking is another thing that I deal with in Japan and I want to get rid of people smoking in public places. I think I'm constantly reminded of the the competition with the Sun and the Wind... Have you heard this story? The Sun and the Wind have a competition on how to best remove a jacket from a man on Earth. The wind says I can win... and blows fiercely at the man and the man holds tighter onto his coat and the coat stays on. The wind comes back defeated and so the sun tries. He warms the whole sky up and makes it a nice day and the man takes his coat. It really takes a lot of skill to market this skill of being vegetarian to people. How do we market that vegetarian is a good idea? I wasn't always a vegetarian. When I was a little kid I in fact looked down on "picky eaters" and really never wanted to be one. Isn't it interesting how the world works. More and more people are becoming vegetarian and vegan and that is good.

These are some interesting facts. I find it hard sometimes to explain to people why being a vegetarian is so important. They never get it. I swear some people just look right past the whole caged up for life, mercilessly slaughtered deal... ugh. Some people are so oblivious though, and totally ignorant! I try and explain but they can hardly even respect my decisions. It's hard to push vegetarianism onto others but at the same time- how can we get the word out? I am literally asking for suggestions! LOL! Seriously beginning to start not liking meat eaters. Yuck. 

I learned the hard way.  I posted a reference to Forks Over Knives on my page on facebook.  People argued with me.  And I realized that they weren't going to listen in the first place!  So I just left it at that.

Not always, there are the dumbasses and the ignorants, if it's the later they usually can change, like all of us before being veg.

I agree with the idea of leaving people to their own choice. I would prefer a fully vegetarian world but the truth is that everyone has a different opinion, different morals, different beliefs, different ideals etc. It's no point in even arguing because you can't really change a mindset. You can just use encouragement where applicable. If someone wants to eat meat they're going to eat meat. Best you can do is put your own opinions out there and if anyone starts arguing you have to shrug it off and respect the freedom of choice. 
More people will convert to veg*nism when they're ready. =)

These are all great! I usually avoid arguing with people, but if they push my buttons, I shall reply. And these help a lot! Though... I often have problems explaining how cows produce milk... seeing as my family think that cows need only to eat grass to produce milk! And still don't believe me when I tell them that cows produce milk through pregnancy... xD

Honestly, its a little hard to use the nutritional statistics. I would have to actually read a scientific journal about these findings to bring all factors in. Plus, how does one acre produce only 250 lbs of beef when cows weigh about 1000 lbs and about 67% is used for beef (depending on age and species) would be alot more than 250. Plus since the industry crams them together, how many pounds are we up to? I am n
Sorry, I hit the button too soon. Believe me brother, I am not trying to argue, but trying to look at an arguement from all angles so we can know what works. :)
otherwise, we might get torn up by the wolves ;). Not saying u r wrong either. I am just trying to put it together in my head and I can't.

I have to ask: where did you get your sources?

Yup, these need sources.

how much fresh water is wasted on these poor animals?


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