This is kind of an obvious one, but could someone come up with a detailed reply? I'm actually writing a speech on this topic and I'm finished with it but I want to hear opinions or other facts that never came to mind or maybe something to add. I'm not cheating.

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@myron ~ you eat meat?  or are you veggie?  just curious :)

Why your whole argument is false, just since it's fun.

Animals are "designed" to eat certain ways- as you later admit when you try and speak about humans evolving to eat meat... that is why you can't feed human babies certain foods. In fact, meat is the LAST thing you can introduce to a child, because we are not born with the capability to digest animal protein. That's clinical fact. Speak to any pediatrician, mother, doctor, or dietitian.

You post a link saying meat does not cause cancer... that the FAT in it does... that's like saying, "Meth doesn't cause brain damage, the bleach inside of it does." That would try and post that link in your favor just goes to show you didn't even intellectually look at what you are trying to spread around. "Well der, it's not the meat it's the shit in the meat making people sick, so meat is great!!" I highly doubt an "intellectual" like you trims all the fat away from his steaks. I also find it highly hilarious you try to act scholarly, when you searched the PUBLIC LIBRARY for studies, not actual MEDICAL JOURNALS. But fear not, I've provided links for you to peer-reviewed publications, to clear your head of all that confusing bullshit you concocted.

So what. The past is the past. Where we are now is we are destroying our planet. Whatever you feel about consuming meat, consuming meat is destroying the planet.

Well said.

there is a big amount of people who work in the meat and dairy industries who are spreading a lot of lies in order to keep their businesses. The facts are quite simple and evident to everyone who wants to see the truth: 13% of the population dies of cancer, and the vast majority of them are due to the consumption of meat, milk, eggs, etc… or is there anyone who really believes that these cancers grow from eating plumbs, oranges, and seitan? Apart of the nutritional point of view, everyone should think twice before eating an animal. They are not there to be our food, our entertainment, or our sports, they are there to enjoy their lives and we have no natural right to kill them. Maybe every country´s legal systems allow mankind to kill and eat animals, but this does´t proof to be right; in the second world war for example millions of human animals were killed because a legal system allowed to execute them, and this was of course not right. So anyone who thinks that he/she has a right to kill animals should ask him/herself if he/she is not supporting the same philosophy who led to the Holocaust. Philosophy is exactly the same: I am the superior species, I kill you. The target changes, sure, but the philosophy is the same. If we kill humans, it is bad, if we kill animals, it is good. why? because we consider ourselves the superior species. I prefer to be vegan and support life, instead of a meat eater supporting death.

Here's the real facts. It is only natural that humans would assume the role of top animal on the pyramid as we have done amazing things animals could not. Along with that comes our need to enforce our power and  eating other creatures is one way we fill our ego. This per se may not be bad but what is bad is how we do it, the cruelty, the sickness that has built up in man  to make animals suffer to feed our over abundance, filth and greediness. 

We do that by allowing agriculture to overproduce, do inhumane things to animals without proper care and then on top of that they plug these animals up with gmo's to make them abnormally big or reproduce at an insane rate.  Plus, these gmo's  are key to making us addicted to the way they taste.

Then,when anyone tries to not necessarily stop the production of meat for food but reinforce the laws that protect the animals and in the end our health, we shun them. WE are our biggest enemies. We are no more top of the pyramid than we are the bottom.

Dinosaurs existed along time ago. We know some ate meat and we know there were some who ate plants/vegetation. Their teeth meant to tear and shred; yes. Their teeth also meant to chew and grind; yes.

All I'm wondering is are we animals? or are we humans? We can't be both.

This is perfect for a recent FB conversation I've had w/ friends. Thanks Xiao !

thanks for sharing! love it

omg, I found this so funny! I also shared this awesome video on fb, teach those so called "meat eaters" how it really is. lol. thanx for this great vid :D

For one, carnivores rip, tear and swallow- herbivores grind and chew. Also, tigers don't get heart attacks from cholesterol, humans do. There's something about the length of human intestines- we have the same length in regards to body height as herbivores, since carnivores need longer (maybe shorter? I forget which) to digest it. Gary Yourofsky talks about it in his speech, you can find him on Youtube.

?Real, pure herbivores have compartmentalized stomachs for digesting cellulose and hearty plant matter. Animals like rabbits and cows will twice digest their food: rabbits will consume their feces for the vitamin B12 and other nutrients created during digestion; cows will vomit their food to chew it again. Plant proteins have very low bioavailibility for humans: Humans have one stomach. Humans don't have specialized sections of the digestive tract for the type of fiber being ingested by true herbivores.

Eating meat does not cause with heart disease

Don't spread misinformation because it fits your agenda.

Carnivores are born eating meat, genius. Human babies don't. They also can't digest casein, an ANIMAL protein. So yea... we're designed to eat plants. Feed your baby some steak and I'll feed mine veggies and we'll see which one dies first- yours LOL. And no.. meat doesn't cause heart disease, all the fat and cholesterol in it does. I'll spread all the factual* information I want, you're the one who seems to be deeply misinformed. Also b 12 isn't inherent in meat.. it's a bacteria.. might want to do research before you open your big mouth about nutrition facts you are clearly ignorant about. Meat has NOTHING we need we can't get from the Earth, because THEY get it from the earth, smart one. Meat is a FILTER, an expensive filter, for nutrients. 

Also, REAL carnivores don't get heart attacks from excess cholesterol- people always have to be careful to not consume too much. Guess that's just your strong carnivore arteries failing you. 

Casein also causes cancer. Providing a .com website? Really? I could provide you with a million more. Instead I'll tell you that the USDA and the Center for Disease Control- you know, government back organizations- all agree that a diet high in meat causes diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and hypertension- among other things.


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