Does hunting help or hurt the environment? 

According to Glenn Kirk of "The Animals Voice", hunters' license fees are used to “manipulate a few game [target] species into overpopulation at the expense of a much larger number of non-game species, resulting in the loss of biological diversity, genetic integrity and ecological balance.”

If you have any facts you'd like to share about the reality of hunting, I'd love to read all about it. 

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I personally don't believe mankind should assign themselves the responsibility of "controlling" the population of anything. These things happen naturally as they should and when we try to manipulate an outcome other than what nature intends, there are damaging intended and unintended consequences.

A lot of what hunters are told are lies and organizations do spend a lot of the hunter fees on making sure there are animals to hunt- feeding deer, planting  duck boxes (claiming to help the population, but they shoot them, so we know why they want a population), and releasing turkeys that were captive bred. The majority of the money goes towards game wardens and towards counting populations to find out how many they can shoot next year.
Before contributing to a conservation program I make sure that it is legit. If it's a hunting organization campaigning as a conservation I stay far away (any conservation you see that promotes hunting).  Organizations like this have told people lies like, hunting controls coyote population. Meanwhile, a real biologist not being paid to say otherwise, will tell you that when one family member coyote dies, the pair breeds again right away -replacing one coyote with as many as nine. So the population increases.
You may be interested in my blog- my boyfriend wrote "the consequences of trophy hunting" and "what is over population?". He spent some time as a wildlife technician working with biologists and in the field.

Welll.... very valid point. The central idea in Zen Buddhism is that human being is the only creature that doesn't know to do its job. We have policed this world far too much and if this continues for too long, this world will be over. In fact, we have screwed this earth more in last 100 years than what it might have been in its entirety prior to that. So, we definitely need to stop using our police action on nature.

It depends on how they treat the animals and if they hunt for food. Hunting for trophies and not eating the food you kill is a crime in my book but as long as the treat those they hunt with compassion they are doing better than the food industry and that is good. That is why I am a vegetarian cause most animals don't get treated right and its a felony what they do (get away with).


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