I eat quorn products every day/ I wan't to go Vegan/cookbook advice

Hi people

I have just joined this site. 

My name is William i'm from Denmark Copenhagen I'm 17 years old and I've been vegetarian for 1,5years.

(I don't know exactly how to write my thoughts properly so i kinda just  free styled)

I've come to realize that i eat Quorn meat replacement pretty much everyday. In Denmark they only sell the "mince" and the "chicken style pieces" they're both really great, the Mince is freakin amazing for spaghetti and lasagne. The Quorn chicken I mostly eat that with rice and vegetables along with "Maggi Wurze sauce" anyone familiar with that sauce?.These 2 quorn products contain a bit of egg so its not vegan, but that's not my main issue. My main issue is i want to be vegetarian/ become vegan without living of meat replacement everyday(not that i wanna completely boycott it either), I don't miss real meat at all, but I've been to lazy research other great foods to eat. 

I'm no expert on healthy food but there are certain foods(i can go into details if wanted), when i eat i feel energized(not sure if these are always healthy but it makes me feel great)  where as others i feel passed out(fat unhealthy food) this is why i wanna eat healthy food because they are in the first category

About veganism: i dont eat any dairy products nor eggs "directly" i only eat them when products i eat contain them(only 1 product i eat contain dairy).

 So basically where I'm going with this is what should i eat? this question is primarily directed towards dinner. Come with Any advice or Cookbook advice.

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Hi.. welcome to Vegfriend.com

I would suggest you Veganomicon cook book. 

Here is a review of the book : http://www.vegfriend.com/group/veggie-books-reviews/forum/topics/ve...

Join http://www.vegfriend.com/group/veggie-books-reviews to get more cook reviews which may help you.

hi william I don't have any advise but i also love the quorn products. i love making tacos with the mince. I did try being vegan at one time, and I use to make pizza alot using soy cheese as cheese. You could make soups, and tofu kebabs, or satay vegetables and rice etc.


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