Normally I go out with my friends (non-vegetarian) to eat in restaurants or anniversaries that are celebrated with a barbecue and I do not feel very well when I see them eating meat. I begin to feel the pain of the animal only to watch them eating
Especially when some joker is making jokes about my lifestyle.
I'm leaving to go out with them for feeling this way but I'm sad about this. 
Do you feel the same? Or am I disturbed?

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Well I think I also did that and I know how normal that was and how great it smelled - but I can't stay the smell anymore. I try to have the meat standing as far away from me as possible and i hate barbeques because afterwards you just smell like steaks and sausages. o.O But that doesn't matter too much as i don't stand close to the fire - I don't eat anything of it anyway. It's always full of old fat and stuff (even if it's cleaned up) so I just have to think of all that meat and can't eat anything.

I think it's "ok" if they eat normal - I can't stand it if people just put meat into them like there was no tomorrow and yes, of course making jokes is disrespectful (and on our lifestyle I think jokes are just evilish.. :/). but most people tend to accept that I don't eat meat and just say that they couldn't themselves - so they try to still make me feel comfortable even if they eat meat.

It's great how people always like what a veg*n cooks!
Just that they never think of trying these receipes on their own...

I feel the same way, but when I go to restuarants with friends, I just say go to this VEGETARIAN RESTUARANT 

I know exactly what you mean... I live in Sao Paulo too (peeped your profile) and it's so tough with all the mindlessness around here in regards to diet. It really just shows a lack of compassion on their part, not giving a fuck about what they eat or the global consequences of their diet, and then to have the audacity to criticize my compassionate, healthy lifestyle. I think the most disturbing part is the apathy. As vegan we love all life, it hurts us to see other human beings not caring.

Whenever I go for meals out with friends the topic of me being a vegetarian always seems to be brought up. They've known a while now but still have comments about how they could never stop eating meat and sometimes taunt me. Pretttttttty boring. 

Completely agree with all the above. What really frustrates me is not that my friends eat meat. I understand that you cannot change someone overnight and it is hard to change, and not everyone agrees with my lifestyle. Thats fine. What is annoyin is that they need to make a joke out of it and laugh at my lifestyle. Umm... i thought we were friends?


you are not alone, I grew up in Milwaukee where in my school I was the only vegetarian. I was teased, laughed at, and criticized. I never let it bother me. Some friends are sensitive to my beliefs, and some aren't. Once, I literally threw up  watching fish being eaten, ugh what a smell. I wish there was more social media or other outlets besides PETA that expose the senseless sufferings animals go through. There are tons of non meat alternatives.

I'm not disgusted by meat (overall it's really, really hard for me to get disgusted with something), what happens is that I feel pitty for people who makes fun of that, but it's never real friends who does it and if they were I'd be disapointed.

I feel the same too Ana.

I didn't at first but the longer I don't eat meat the more it bothers me seeing others eat it. The smell alone is completely different from when I use to eat meat. It really is sad but you can't force someone to not eat it in from of you but to at least ask them to respect your lifestyle. If they have a problem still just keep reminding them that what your eating didn't have to suffer!

No, you're not disturbed. I will be having my first Christmas without meat and I don't know if I will be able to bear it. Dinner will be at my son's house. My daughter is vegetarian and I am vegan (I went all the way).  I will be bringing food for the two of us if we go.  Another alternative is for her and I to eat at my house and join the family after dinner.  Just the thought of seeing the turkey makes me sick at heart.  Just writing this brings tears to my eyes. I have fallen in love with all animals ever since I watched The Earthlings beginning of September.  When I think of the fear in their eyes, it makes me feel so helpless!

I've been vegetarian for 18 years so perhaps in a way I've gotten used to being around it even though I don't like it. I think women have it slightly easier in the case of diet because I know as a guy meat eating is always seen as a "Macho" thing. I've even heard vegetarian women say they would rather have a husband that eats meat because it just seems more manly. I've actually had women say "you can't be a man if you're vegetarian." lol Guys never react well to having their masculinity questioned. While meat eating bothers me I think what bothers me even more is people I meet who go on about human evolution and attaining higher consciousness or peace in the world all while eating meat. can you even begin to enlighten yourself when you still view yourself as of more value than any other being?


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