I sometimes have a craving for chicken, does anyone have any tips they use?

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Okay, I admit I used to have such cravings at the first month of bring a vegetarian.

Whenever I crave it, imagine eating the chicken as eating my friends/my own body parts. E.g. eating chicken thigh=eating a friend's thigh, which is horrendous and awful.

Besides, meat, chicken included, require seasoning to become palatable. The seasoning usually comes from plants and synthetic sources. Have you every heard of vegetables which need meat as seasoning? No. However, vegetables can season each other! Think about it. Meat by itself is unpalatable.

Next, think how many chickens you can save by not eating them. To me, chicks are cute. eating them when they achieve adulthood is plain sad and miserable. Plus, do you ever have the heart to take a chicken's life-by YOURSELF?

There are many yummy dishes sans-meat (in your case, chicken). Plus, they are healthier, since chicken usually requires LOTS of seasoning, which means high sodium content. Increased blood pressure... Ewww. If you still crave it, you can try faux chicken meat, then transition gradually to plain tofu.

Oh, did I say that raising chicken as meat is cruel (debeaking-imagine your lips being sliced off)? They are even denied wide living spaces in poultry farms, which means, less freedom and more abuse. Plus, they are fed with antibiotics and injected with hormones so as to increase meat production. Mmm... yum.

Hope it helps. Good luck! :)

Brilliant way to look at it Sharon, i always felt the same way about meats needing seasoning from veg, but never  thought about it the other way around.


as for the initial question, I guess we would need to know what type of chicken it is you miss, as you can season wheat meats with the same seasoning. I think with meats like KFC it is actually the fried batter that makes it smell so good anyway. (but maybe that is just me)

I agree with you, Navjot. The batter is indeed what makes KFC chicken tastes good! Otherwise the chicken is sometimes undercooked.

Glad that I no longer eat them and give them up for good! I stopped eating KFC Fried Chicken long ago for health reasons, before I even go veggie. My mum fries better chicken.

Nevertheless, I have give it up all. Fried food is NEVER healthy anyway. Any food will become junk food when it makes it trip in the deep-fryer.

Hail tofu! :)

I have a deep fryer, so sometimes I make Boca chick'n nuggets and they are very good and cook very fast. I also like Boca Chik'n patties. They come in spicey or regular. Great fried. On a bun with just pickle and mayo works for me. They are also vegan. The Quorn and Morningstar Farms brands are not. I mention that because if you're really wanting to stay away from chicken, you should stay away from eggs too. So Boca is your safest bet.

i've seen mixed spices in a jar that are vegan friendly but are sold to be used to make your own kfc style chicken at home, so sometimes I will take that jar and coat some firm tofu in it and shallow fry that to cook, it gives it a nice crispy texture and a taste similar to that of the spicy kfc coating (as I remember it tasting... i try to think of it as a bad thing)  you can use things like jerk seasoning on vegetables, make your own batter and deep fry vegetables or tofu in it so you are still getting those textures or flavours but obviously cruelty free! 

good luck! 

I too get chicken cravings like orange chicken craving but I discovered if you batter mushrooms with flour baking soda salt and water and fry it in a wok it tastes very similar to chicken.
Here is the recipe if you decide to try it out. The recipe suggests using wheat gluten strips but I prefer mushrooms. Your choice


Steamed green durion meat!
So delicious and healthy!
<3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpkFE06m22o It's in portuguese but it's easy to follow.

I like the Boca chickenless patties they have out there. They are way better than chicken and it should clear up that craving.

I find when I have cravings for meat products it's just because I am hungry and they are easier... when that happens I just pop one of my meatless products in the microwave and crisis adverted :) 

totally forgot about this thread. Get to holland and barret and grab some of these!

I've always found chicken to be gross.  Gardein and Boca both make pretty good vegan chicken substitues though.


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