I have a friend of mine who labels himself as a vegetarian, but he occasionally eats meat. He also doesn't mind eating beans made with bacon. He says things like, "oh well Sara's a better vegetarian than I am." I don't know how to break it to him, that you can't be a, "Better," vegetarian. It's just you are or your aren't. No one is perfect. And I've accidentally eaten some food with animal product in it with out even realizing it. But I've never ordered a meat pizza for instance. I have no way to break it to this person that he's just not a vegetarian. Or maybe I'm wrong let me know what you think. My friends will justify his logic by saying, "oh well there's just different definitions of vegetarian," but not to me. What do you think? Is my friend a vegetarian? How do I respond to this situation? Do I just keep my mouth shut?  

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I don't think he is vegetarian, but sometimes it's just to difficult to debate with such a person like him.

Agreed Xiao....


You ARE a Vegetarian or you are NOT. Rember that saying of being "kind of pregnant". Not possible.

Nice comparison that, will remember it for next time I have a conversation along these lines :)

YES Exactly ...

Vegetarians do not eat meat. If he occasionally eats meat, then he cannot call himself a vegetarian. If it happens by accident, then there is nothing you can do. I once ate beans, without realizing they had been prepared in lard, and I felt horrible. I wanted to throw up.

But if you willingly choose to eat meat, then you cannot call yourself a vegetarian. It´s that simple. 

I couldn't agree more. 

there is a term called semi vegetarian..sadly

The whole world could be classed as semi veg :/

I agree! i think even having the term semi vegetarian among us is kinda stupid..lol. same with those that eat fish and dairy..but i understand its to each their own, i just find it odd.

alright i guess even fish and dairy is a classification, but semi veg doesn't really tell you anything about eating habits, what to cook and so on.

Those that eat fish are pescitarian. Those that eat dairy are lacto-vegetarian, if they eat eggs they're ovo-vegetarian (think I'm mispelling that one). What if they do all three, are they lacto-ovo-pescitarians? LOL What a mouthful.There are a lot of classifications, but I agree with you they're not vege-anything if they occasionally eat meat or things cooked with meat.

Well from my understanding, pescetarian means you can eat fish and also dairy and eggs at your discretion. Maybe there should be sub groups of pescetarians haha! Though I know lacto-ovo is a classification (indeed a mouthful) and yes you spelled it right ^-^! Absolutely right. 


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