I have a friend of mine who labels himself as a vegetarian, but he occasionally eats meat. He also doesn't mind eating beans made with bacon. He says things like, "oh well Sara's a better vegetarian than I am." I don't know how to break it to him, that you can't be a, "Better," vegetarian. It's just you are or your aren't. No one is perfect. And I've accidentally eaten some food with animal product in it with out even realizing it. But I've never ordered a meat pizza for instance. I have no way to break it to this person that he's just not a vegetarian. Or maybe I'm wrong let me know what you think. My friends will justify his logic by saying, "oh well there's just different definitions of vegetarian," but not to me. What do you think? Is my friend a vegetarian? How do I respond to this situation? Do I just keep my mouth shut?  

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yes you're wrong! according to wikipedia vegetarians can eat dairy products, eggs etc, its vegans who can't.

there's no such thing as semi-vegetarian... its like saying i'm semi racist!!!!

Those are the medical terms too, in my textbook. Which I admit I don't like them- especially when it groups all vegetarians together and states that they are individuals who "mainly stick to plant based diets but occasionally eat meat." *Shakes head*

People get all tripped up on the various definitions but each is just a watered down version of the highest form, whatever one chooses to believe that is. I think if people are doing their very best to reduce suffering and make the world a better place, they should be commended for that but it doesn’t mean there isn’t room to grow.

I understand how you feel Merry! I personally hate most labels, but I think in regards to a cause, these types of misuses lead to chefs and family members thinking it's okay to feed a certain person butter, of even bits of meat or gelatine, because "some" people eat it and others don't. In medical textbooks a vegetarian is defined as someone who "occasionally" eats meat. Who is going to take vegetarians seriously, who switch for ethics, if they are told that they sometimes think, "Oh to hell with it, I'm having me a Rib Friday" haha. People should all be commended, and proud of their steps :) I think a part of being proud of your contribution is not feeling ashamed of where you are at the moment in your journey.

You are right there. I am sick of the questions from meat eaters. 

"I'm vegetarian". 

"But you still eat chicken?" 

"No. That's meat."

"But then you must eat fish?"

"No, that's also an animal." 

Why do they not see that it's all animals? 

And why does just about everything that is not especially for vegans - and more expensive - have to contain egg, whey, other dairy stuff, gelatine...? Just shows how much junk they produce that they have to get rid of somewhere. 

Lecithin and gelatine are from animal.

Please avoid eating it.

Definitely, that' another thing. It's not necessary and there are animal free alternatives so why do they stuff it in so many foods? 

He is definitely not a vegetarian, but at least he probably eats a whole lot less meat than your average meat eater. Better than nothing, I suppose... but still a way to go. 

A friend of my work told me she was vegetarian, I was very happy founding someone (in Argentina) that was vegetarian too! Then I saw here eating a piece of ham HAHAHA...No, she is not a vegetarian. Those people like the IDEA of being vegetarian, but they are not vegetarian.

I don't think debating is the solution, most of the people know that they are "false" vegetarians...

Y'know I hate to say it but I disagree. 

Well, I agree that this guy is obviously not my definition of a committed veggie. I believe the occasional drumstick isn't enough of a big deal to make the world shatter. Think about the standard diet, and why people fail at keeping on top of one. A person addicted to cake would, of course want to eat cake. As an omnivore you eat a variety of foods, including animal products. Telling a long time cheese connoisseur off to something addicting such as cheese, that they need to stop eating cheese because its morally correct, and back it up with reasons that the connoisseur would agree upon sounds like he would stop eating cheese now right? I know that's a crappy example, but something that your hooked to, such as meth or prescription pills just. . . My point is, I believe a little indulgence shouldn't make someone that's strictly vegan point at you and accuse you of treason to the veggie community.

As vegetarians, and vegans we believe in peace right? Not killing animals so inhumanely, it would scar a child for life. But when we're talking about someone who is 'attempting' compared to someone else who just doesn't care, shouldn't we urge them on the right path rather then just sitting next to them with an odd smile on our faces thinking 'wow what a poser' while he indulges in what shouldn't be eaten. Once a month I allow myself to eat an omnivourous menu for a day, but that's not that bad is it? Sure I could be straight up avoiding it, but its better then nothing right? We should encourage, not discriminate.

I agree totally! It seems like focussing on the negative to see someone as a ''fake'' vegetarian than to see someone as a ''trying to be'' vegetarian.. It's always best to try and see the positive, and just to live quietly by example.

You can get lecithin from dandelion flowers. Also, go to an organic food store and you'll find vegan jelly bean, vegan marshmallow, vegan jell-o, etc. all the stuff we love exists in vegan form!!
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