I have a friend of mine who labels himself as a vegetarian, but he occasionally eats meat. He also doesn't mind eating beans made with bacon. He says things like, "oh well Sara's a better vegetarian than I am." I don't know how to break it to him, that you can't be a, "Better," vegetarian. It's just you are or your aren't. No one is perfect. And I've accidentally eaten some food with animal product in it with out even realizing it. But I've never ordered a meat pizza for instance. I have no way to break it to this person that he's just not a vegetarian. Or maybe I'm wrong let me know what you think. My friends will justify his logic by saying, "oh well there's just different definitions of vegetarian," but not to me. What do you think? Is my friend a vegetarian? How do I respond to this situation? Do I just keep my mouth shut?  

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So many labels I can't keep up with it and won't... What's in a label? Seriously :)
At the end of the day it's good when someone chooses to limit their meat consumption for whatever reason. It's a shame more people don't do this. So he should be applauded for that, at least. People get too hung up on labels. People become vegetarians for different reasons. Not everyone makes this choice for ethical reasons. Some do it for their health. Maybe he's in that camp. Once I had my awakening about how wrong it is to eat animals I knew there will ne no going back to eating meat. Ever. Did he give you a reason why he wants to identify as a vegetarian? If it's for the sake of his health then that explains how he can eat meat occasionally. And you didn't say how long he's identified himself as a vegetarian. Maybe there should be a new definition...transitioning vegetarian.

I have something to say here, because I've been seeing things like this one in so many post.

We all agree that in this case he is NOT a vegetarian, but, what I wonder is: ¿Why such a hate to this people?

We all are vegetarians or vegans because we want to feel better with us and the world, we are not doing it because we are looking for some social reward or something, so again: Why such a hate to this people?

We all hate that someone judges us for not eating meat, or people that ask stupid questions, and we just want everybody to respect us.

So, If you are doing it for yourself, don't want to be judged and want to be respected: ¿Why you have to do this with others?

Respect everyone decissions, because not everybody see the world as we do. 

Furthemore, If he just eat meat ocasionally, is still better that common eat meaters right? something is something.

If you want people to leave you alone and be respected, do the same with others.

And that's all.

Hope everything is clear because english is not my first language.

Happy saturday!

I agree with you!

I think that if your friend is cool with how he handles his own vegetarian lifestyle, it's all that madders. Being vegetarian is just a label people use to categorize themselves. But in the end, it's how you feel with yourself that counts, and not the name you put on it. 

It's annoying to hear the same debates over and over again, when some people are actually not even considering a veg lifestyle. To me, being open-minded is a big part of being veg.

I have witnessed people call themselves vegetarian long before they totally gave up meat. Likewise, I have seen people call themselves vegan long before they completely gave up dairy. I think sometimes people are mentally preparing themselves for the new lifestyle. This is indicative of the emotional journey that many people experience when they transition. By definition, he is clearly not vegetarian but is it really worth debating? He knows he is not vegetarian;)


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