Although I am a new vegetarian, I have been into animal rights for a while.  Unfortunately, my car has leather seats.  It was the only car I could afford at the time.  Also, I have many leather shoes that I had bought years ago, before I was a vegetarian.

What advice would you give to someone in my situation?  I can't afford to get a new car, nor can I afford to re-upholster my car.  Nor can I afford to replace my shoes.

I don't want to feel guilty every time I get dressed or every time I get in my car.

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I guess this is a tricky one but here's how I see it. For you to throw away your shoes won't make a difference anymore as they've already been paid for and it would be wistful to throw out. As long as you from now on buy animal friendly products and that way no longer contributing to the leather market it's all good! Saying that we're in the process of buying a used car and we're looking for fabric seats. I guess you might get mixed responses on this though. Hope you're well x

Thank you!  I definitely do not buy any leather products, and I shop for animal friendly products.  I love Dr Martens boots, and I am happy that they offer vegan products.  When it's time to replace, I will definitely go to them.

Use your car and shoes. It's okay to use what you have right now, just make a mental note not to buy such things in the future.

I'm a vegan in a similar situation - even if you do reupolster, do you throw away the leather or give it a proper burial? ...

It's easy to feel guilty if you find that a pillow actually has down, or you just ate a stir fry and someone tells you they used butter in it, or any number of unavoidable situations. A few years ago when my grandfather was dying, we visited him for Easter and he made a ham for the family. What do you say to one person whom you greatly admire and love in such a situation? He came to me with the plate and a proud grin...well, needless to say one must sometimes weigh their convictions with what one is capable of accomplishing. I make every effort humanly possible to keep my life humane - even relegating myself to lettuce salad more times than I care to recall... Sorry, but unless you can get some cloth seats from a junkyard or you want to go with a thread and needle and some ingenuity, I don't have much more I can really offer. Best of luck!

There's always the possibility of selling your care and shoes to get a new car and shoes?

I have had this discussion on MANY VEGAN SITES. You will NEVER be 100% vegan/ is IMPOSSIBLE unless you live in a log cabin, with a dirt floor and NEVER walk on the street again. Who knew tires except MICHELIN are animal based? I paid 600$ for new tires in JULY and was livid when I found out there were animal parts in them. When I investigated I found out that carpet, china dishes, linoleum, drywall, plywood, ceramic tile, plastic, cardboard, wall paper, cellophane, ink, wax paper and thousand of other things including bridges, the street u drive on etc......these all contain some kind of animal part........yes leather seats are can't just sell the car...cover them....when u do get another car you'll know better.....quite a few people I know that went VEGAN in the last 2 years never tossed their leather shoes...(they did get rid of any fur, leather coats etc) but kept the neccessities....they just are not re-buying animal based items NOW. You have to do the best you can. I wish I could get any of my close friends to even give up meat let alone leather, so I commend you!

Covering the seats is a good idea.  I already have a blanket over the backseat for the dogs.  I only wear one pair of leather shoes almost daily.  In the summer I love my Converse all stars, so the leather shoes only come out for special occasions (mainly funerals, Christenings, etc).

I need new tires for my car, so thanks for the tip.

I guess I am looking for some validation from some like minded people.  I don't want to say I'm vegetarian and then be a hypocrite having leather goods.  I am happy to say, that, I got rid of all of my leather and suede jackets. And I am NOT going to buy anymore.


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