I love being vegan, but I don't like tofu and seitan. Since I don't eat any meat, fish, eggs,diary, honey and those things, it is really hard to make a good variety of recipes. I gained lots of weight because I eat lots of carbs due to that, it can be REALLY dangerous when I'm a recovered anorexic and bulimic, there's always a risk of fall on those diseases again. Ideas? 

Thanks! :(

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Hey, Cris! :)

Don't overcharge yourself because of that. Actually, a lot of studies recently demonstrated that soy isn't even that essential on a veg(etari)an diet as some of us may think it is.

One advice that I've read on the internet when I adopted this life style (and that was very useful for me, indeed) was: learn how to cook. Seriously, when you become interested on the recipes, the possibilities become very large! Furthermore, that's also a guarantee that your meal is completely free from any kind of suffering (except your own, while washing the dishes later! lol! :P).

There's a lot of info out there, but, initially, I can recommend you two different sites that I found on a brief search: http://thevegetarianrecipes.blogspot.pt/  and  http://vegweb.com/recipes

About the risk on falling on a disease, soon you will find out that being vegan is such a nice way of life. You can easily supply all your body demands by eating fruits, vegetables, beans, etc. Try to balance your diet with a lot of nutrient rich food. Prioritize quality over quantity and there's no reason to worry about that.

Also, don't forget to always take a look on your b12 (must be supplemented), iron and calcium levels, to ensure you're getting enough of those nutrients. ;)

Take care! :D

Thank you very much. You can speak portuguese with me, I'm from Portugal! ahahah :D

Que fixe (é assim que se escreve?)! :D Estou atualmente morando em Coimbra, estudando Direito, e já pude aprender algumas expressões! Hahaha! :P

Achei uma imagem que penso ser bem apropriada dentro do contexto da nossa discussão!


Sim, é isso mesmo! ahahah :D

Bem, parabéns! Não deve ser nada fácil Direito, ainda pior se estás na Universidade de Coimbra! Credo! :o

E sem dúvida que a imagem é totalmente verdadeira ... ahahah xDD

Tofu is not really good , its made from soy which is 90% gmo these days , raises estogen , check out banana girl 30 bananas a day and durian rider on you tube , they are fit and eat all day

I think you will get plenty of protein and variety if you eat enough beans and grains.  One of my favorites in the summertime is a hummus/lettuce/tomato sandwich on really good whole grain bread. 

I agree that learning to cook will expand your horizons immensely.  I recommend the following books:
The Happy Herbivore by Lindsay NixonForks Over Knives by Del Sroufe
Bravo! by Ramses Bravo

You will prevent more problems than you will create by following a good balanced vegan diet.

You know you don't really need tofu. Its just another processed item....
You can get everything you need by keeping your vegies and fruits changing... and eating more raw and root foods will get you the b12. B12 is just a bacteria found in dirt! I was all about tofu in the begining but you really don't need it.
And carbs don't make you gain weight it's what you put on the carbs that matter. ... all those fats and refined sugars that's what causes weight gain. ...
I have home made perogies , bread, pizza, rice, and I've lost weight. Because I cut out the fat like mayonnaise, margarine, and sugar!

Try food shopping in places like Holland&Barrett which supply quite a lot of different things for vegans these days. Personally, I like soya but thee are lots of different things around these day, you just have to explore.

I'm totally with you on the no seitan thing, and tofu isn't great for you aparently. My advice is to get creative with vegetables they are low in calories, high in nutrients and filling. There are tons of yummy recipes online. High protein sources are: Broccoli, lentils, beans, but almost everything has some protein in it. And try to keep half your plate raw (i.e. raw vegetables/ salads with tasty dressings) is the best way to stay healthy and keep weight constant.

My fav simple veg meal is roast veggies with a raw mexican salad, guacamole & hummus.

All beans are a great source of protein. Making pilafs, stews, and bean salads are a great way to get all the nutrition you need. Spaghetti sauce with a can of favorite bean tossed in is a great meal.

To me this question reads the same as: "I don't like brussels sprouts. What can I do?" The only answer is: Um... don't eat it?

I don't eat tofu unless it's the only option, and seitan really upsets my stomach. I have never needed them in my diet because there are so many other diverse foods to eat. REAL foods, not processed made-up things like tofu & seitan. But, if you're looking for something interesting, try tempeh. Otherwise, just stick to whole foods like veggies, grains, legumes, and pretty much anything else that isn't called "tofu" or "seitan."

Find a good quality protein powder and mix it in with a Green Smoothie. I use Garden of Life products.


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