I started three discussions last night. where did they go?

i want answers.

two previous ones have also disappeared. what is this crap?

one of them was about food not bombs, a vegetarian volunteer organization that feeds homeless, another one about neutering pets because i saw a commercial that was advocating neutering your pets, and another one which i do not remember.

what is going on here? i will gladly leave this site if i, my posts, or my ideologies are not wanted. i have brought in AND ATTEMPTED (until my discussions were deleted) very good thought provoking discussions in our little community, and i would be insulted if this is the case, as i have been vegetarian since birth and have much information to share with everyone.

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This place needs more people like you and your thoughts

thank you! :D

easy cowboy. i'm sure it was a mistake. and easy on the ego.

5 posts got deleted i don't see how that was a mistake

So I'm not crazy! And how can this disappear?

i really have no idea

Joash dear, that's really strange :( I'm wondering how could that happen..? Deleted by mistake..?

I'm one of the few moderators we have on this forum, so I'm helping to delete constantly coming viagra spam... To delete someone's discussion you need to have at least moderator's rights, so the only thing that is coming to my mind apart "mistake version" - someone of moderators is abusing their power..?!! But they all are really nice people, noone would do such a thing just for fun! That's our little home here, the place we can share our thoughts and ideas, and any new discussion are highly welcome!!  May be you should contact Xiao, he is administartor and probably has a history of forum activity and can see who has deleted your threads, then it's easier to find out why it has been done.

So sorry for it :(( Im sure non of your discussions were offensive or violated the forum's rules, so probably it was a mistake. But I would contact administator if I were you..

Peace, love and wisdom to all of you guys! <3

thank you! i appreciate it!


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