Hi There, 

I was wondering if anyone else has had to explain to daycare staff that your child does not eat meat?

I have two children, my oldest son is in a nursery school and they only have vegetarian food so for him I have no worries. 

My daughter however is in daycare in the mornings, the staff there do not understand why I don't want her to eat meat, when it is my turn to provide breakfast they often ask me to bring in sausage, which I refuse to do saying we don't eat it and we don't buy it either as we feel it is morally wrong for us to do so.

I always ask them and check that they are not giving meat products to my daughter in daycare, but I am unsure if they respect that. The other morning she was looking through one of those free magazines the supermarkets send out, she pointed at the cold cuts and cold sausages and said "Mmmm lecker". 

Which means tasty in German, (I should mention we are living in Berlin at the moment)

She eats lunch at daycare and although they tell me it's always meat free, now I am not so sure, she often has diarrhoea after daycare, which maybe is a sign she is being given meat products in daycare. 

What could I do, short of turning up unannounced at lunch to say hello?

I am very frustrated and cross with the staff at the daycare, I don't think they understand why this is important to me, and I am sure they don't respect our parenting decision.

Any advice would be so helpful..


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My, I'd be just as upset if I were in your shoes. But I wouldn't pull her out; I'm sure she's made quite a few friends there. Let the staff know you mean business, that you're putting your foot down. It's a question of tolerance and your views must be respected. I know you're vastly outnumbered, but you can't afford to give ground and let them make mincemeat (pun unintended) of your beef (again, unintended). Failing that, demand an audience with the higher-ups. They can't trifle with your daughter's health with impunity. 

You need to stress that she has a FOOD ALLERGY.  This is the only way to ensure they will take you seriously.

I think that is probably the only way Julie yes, as I have tried already threatening to move her to another kindergarten.. I am going to stress again that it will actually make her ill and it is not some fad diet as they seem to think...

Thankfully we are only here in Berlin for a short while longer then we move back to London, our kindergarten there always had vegetarian food. 

Thank you both for answering! 

You are welcome, and sorry it's been so inconvenient.  American/ carnivores I should say, do not understand the dangers of meat intake for a person who does not eat it.  We do not produce the enzymes needed to digest and breakdown animal proteins, and can get violently ill if ingested.   Especially unknowingly.

Btw, I Love London, safe travels to you and your family :)

I would take her out straight away and look for another day care. Ask the staff about worries before you sign her up to a new day care.

they should respect your wishes. if they choose not to ..find a different day care center for your child. 

also you shouldn't have to lie to get them to stop. i am sorry you have to go through that. 

Digesting meat when you are a vegetarian can make you violently ill.  We no longer produce the enzymes needed to breakdown the proteins.  This is a food allergy, no lie!

Please ask the daycare if they can cook vegetarian food just for your daughter. At my school where I'm working for, the parents bring their own lunch boxes frorm home for their vegetarian kids / Muslim kids.

You must tell them that your daughter is a vegetarian and ask them to feed your daughter vegetarian. And they should respect your wishes. If they don't respect you, then I think you need to find another daycare.


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