Wake up everyone! It's a manipulative piece of work! It contains falsehoods by disgruntled former Sea World employees. 

Both Sea World and now Busch Gardens are being attacked here in Florida. What people fail to look at when signing their petitions and sending their emails and otherwise participating in their "armchair" activism because they watched a movie, is that they are hurting businesses that don't have to rescue injured wildlife, they choose to. 

Florida Fish and Wildlife would not continually send animals in need of rehabilitation to these parks if they did not take good care of their animals. Many are released back in the wild whenever they are able. Visit the parks and you will see how well all the animals are cared for. The samll time "sanctuaries" would not be able to give these animals the level of care Sea World and Busch gardens does.

Blackfish is a manipulative piece of filmmaking that exploited the death of Dawn Brancheau. Look at the other side of the story and for heaven's sake, stop targeting the people that help animals,. What is comes down to is, do you say you care about animals because you really do, or do you have an agenda that has to be followed regardless of the welfare of the animals? THINK before you act and always get both sides of the story.

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i recommend you watch  The Cove next.   There is small goods done in most evils. For example hunting permit fees are used to maintain national forests.  That doesn't justify bloodsports.   I find people who kill for entertainment mentally defective.  Most people do not see any problem with slavery, rape, or murder as long as it does not happen to our species. Whales want freedom as much as you do. It is not ethical to enslave them for our entertainment.  Another good documentary  i recommend is Earthlings.  

That is the point. If I recall correctly "The Cove" is about dolphin slaughters and captures in japan. Neither Sea world nor another park that is being harassed here in Florida, has a captured a dolphin since 1972, when both were owned by other companies.  It is illegal to do so. Both have issued statements that they are AGAINST the dolphin slaughters in Japan. They have nothing to do with them, yet they are getting blamed.

Most of the animals are captive bred and would DIE if released.  Those not captive bred are either rescues that cannot be released r have been in captivity for almost 40 years. Sea pens would expose them to temperatures and germs they are not used to. If you look at what is in the best interests of the animals, it is to remain where they are. We do not need a repeat of Keiko where everyone watched Free Willy, became emotional without knowing the facts and put enough pressure on that he was released and died. There are many vets that worked with Keiko that said he was never a candidate for release. Yet everyone watched a movie and decided for the people who knew better what was in his best interests. 

It's fine to say you don't agree with animals in entertainment. It is not OK to lie and put spins on things to make things seem that they are different than they actually are.  These parks rescue animals. Yes, they have shows with some of the animals, but that is how they are able to afford to rescue injured wildlife, rehabilitate them and release them if at all possible. Again, fine to be against it as everyone is entitled to their opinion but it is not OK for people to harass them on misrepresented facts.

I have, I live in FL and can actually see where the CAPTIVE BRED dolphins come from. Do your homework, because I have seen it in person. 

Thank you! Well said!

I wouldn't mind seaworld if it was a world and not a pen. They started with kidnapping for amusement purposes and have been working to right that wrong ever since. All while digging a deeper hole. I think some people are missing the point of blackfish by saying "but they do good things too" 

How about you live in your house for the rest of your life with no access to the outside world? Sure, you're being taken care of. Sure, you don't know how to survive on your own anymore. That makes it alright to breed you and do the same to your offspring? If this was happening to humans the reactions would be very different. And i am so tired of the whole "animals aren't worth as much as humans so its not the same" for a long time neither were black people. That kind of mentality is selfish and concieted.

NO, I am not missing the point of Blackfish, I am saying it misrepresented facts. 

It's fine to be of the opinion captive breeding is wrong. It's fine to be of the opinion captivity is wrong.Eeryone can have an opinion.  What is not OK is misrepresenting things t imply they are doing things that they are not in order to win an award.

Here is an interview with one of the trainers that was decieved into participating in Blackfish. She explains a lot of the misleading information presented the film. However this is the most interesting part of the article "

"When Gabriela Cowperthwaite found out that Bridgette would be speaking out about the film, Gabriela called Bridgette and reportedly told her to, “Please wait until after award season to criticize Blackfish.”"


This is an interesting interview with a trainer who no longer works at Sea World


Wake up @Erika Davis!!
The fact that Sea World may do some rehabilitation does not erase the fact that they violently have kidnapped wild animals!! This does not erase the fact that they USE and ABUSE them as money machines. And that they keep doing this!
We do not want to close Sea World, but that it evolves into a different & compassionate entity. I invite you to read Captain Watson's proposal to Sea World:
I am afraid you are in the wrong forum??

They don't, that's the point.  They have not captured an orca or a dolphin since 1972 and they weren't even owned by the same company at that time. They don't abuse their animals, if they did  they'd be arrested and shut down.  Please cite the sources for your information.

Last I checked I was in  a animal rights and welfare forum of a vegetarian site. I am a vegetarian and this is an opinion on an animal welfare issue. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion and I don't have to agree. 

You are totally right. We do not agree.
I don't believe animals should be in captivity for entertainment purposes.
They should be free and together with their families.


That is part of the problem. Those that are captive bred 100% cannot be released as it is certain it will kill them. Many are with their families.

Those that were captured, were captured over 40 years ago. It's unlikely  they would survive in the world. For their own good, they must remain where they are. There is virtually NO way they would find their families at this point.Their immune systems are no longer used to the germs or the  temperatures they would be exposed to in the wild. 

Life is not a Disney movie, you have to take into consideration the biology and health of the animals before releasing them.  I know that Blackfish gave the impression that Sea world captures Orcas but the facts are that they don't, aren't even owned by the same company they were when they did it over 40 years ago. It is not legal to do so. Take a look at the links I posted in an earlier reply.  

If one cares about the welfare of the animals currently in captivity, one must look at what is actually in their best interests. Release poses too much of a threat to them.

There was me thinking Orca whales were intelligent adaptable kings of the sea.

Don't zoo's release animals born in captivity as part of their wildlife programs?

I'm no expert in this field, but I would have thought the process would be similar, could be wrong though. 


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