Wake up everyone! It's a manipulative piece of work! It contains falsehoods by disgruntled former Sea World employees. 

Both Sea World and now Busch Gardens are being attacked here in Florida. What people fail to look at when signing their petitions and sending their emails and otherwise participating in their "armchair" activism because they watched a movie, is that they are hurting businesses that don't have to rescue injured wildlife, they choose to. 

Florida Fish and Wildlife would not continually send animals in need of rehabilitation to these parks if they did not take good care of their animals. Many are released back in the wild whenever they are able. Visit the parks and you will see how well all the animals are cared for. The samll time "sanctuaries" would not be able to give these animals the level of care Sea World and Busch gardens does.

Blackfish is a manipulative piece of filmmaking that exploited the death of Dawn Brancheau. Look at the other side of the story and for heaven's sake, stop targeting the people that help animals,. What is comes down to is, do you say you care about animals because you really do, or do you have an agenda that has to be followed regardless of the welfare of the animals? THINK before you act and always get both sides of the story.

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That was long lol.  I read through all five pieces written on that blog for Blackfish, and primarily, agree with what the guy is saying.  I wouldn't (and haven't) argue that Blackfish is not biased - it clearly is.  I also have no doubt, as you are evidence of, that there is another side to the story.  But once again, this isn't something that most of us haven't already taken into account.  

I didn't know specifically how those trainers and experts were animal advocates, but I think it was pretty clear in the movie that they were.  The movie didn't need to come right out and say that these people are animal rights advocates for me to know that the neuroscientist claiming that orcas are as self-aware as humans was going to be anti-captivity.  

However, he's right.  Though within the movie, I don't remember it making the claim to be journalism, the director should have known it's obvious to most people that this is not fair and balanced journalism, but a one-sided argument against SeaWorld and against captivity.  All of this is true.

But does the bias of the film necessarily mean it doesn't bring up legitimate points?  We are all biased in one way or another, but does that necessarily mean we are all liars too?  Someone on here has already posted two scientific journal articles that talk about the life of an orca in both captivity and in the wild.  So while this lawyer makes legitimate points about how the way in which life expectancy information was presented leaves room for misunderstanding and requires clarification - I think the science in this area speaks for itself.  That orcas live longer in the wild than in captivity overall, and that there isn't enough data (meaning not enough whales have lived/died in SeaWorld parks) for their life expectancy rate to really be accurate at this point.  A decade more or so, and maybe that will change.

In terms of how SeaWorld treats it's animals.  Again, because Blackfish, and this lawyer, don't really talk about anything outside of orcas, I don't think SeaWorld's ability to treat injured animals is really part of the discussion.  However, what they don't talk about is how SeaWorld treats (as in feeds, shelters, etc.,) the orcas.  Now, I personally don't think bias = lying.  So after taking everything into consideration, I still am inclined to believe the claims that SeaWorld didn't feed its orcas before a performance in order to entice them to do well.  That SeaWorld, as any major company in any industry would, endeavored to turn the spotlight away from events and incidents that brought bad publicity, putting their trainers and orcas in danger.  And I still am inclined to believe that SeaWorld wrongfully breeds Tilikum even knowing that he has aggressive tendencies and is mentally unstable.  

I took a look at the links you provided for the people you say had their words twisted.  Though MiceChat is a good source, they too have obvious bias.  

This conversation has also made me think seriously hard about what I think about raising animals in captivity so thank you for that too.  

I will say, that having been a part of this discussion, and having read those articles you provided, I see how both Blackfish and SeaWorld present information in the best possible light to support their claims.  I never believed that Blackfish was pure journalism, and I doubt anyone on here does either. Though I definitely think that the reading and researching I've done to be a part of this conversation has deepened my understanding of the situation, and I believe more now than I did before that it's not black and white.  

Kate to me, Sea World's ability to rescue inured wildlife IS a valid part of the discussion as some who have watched Blackfish and have a knee jerk reaction will spout off about how Sea World needs to be shut down and how they only rescue "a few" animals and imply it's just a token for PR. Call me crazy 23,000 is a significant number and few can compare to that level of rescues.

The orca trainers, well they would have to be fools to know they are not in danger given the size of the animals. It wold be like me when I was volunteering for animal shelters, which I have, saying oh wow I didn't know a big dog could kill me. Right. They knew, how could you NOT know a huge whale could kill you? If they are so foolish they did not know any animal can turn, perhaps they are too inept and mentally impaired to be working there. 

I have one other link I have not posted which I need to find. The maker of Blackfish saying the reason she did it were th Orcas were abused. There is no evidence they are abused. 

But at the same time, no one on this thread is saying that's a small number of lives saved, so I don't even know where you're getting that.  And yes, some people are going to disagree with you.  Some people, myself including, are going to believe that SeaWorld is not the perfect company that you are trying make them seem to be.  And I think the evidence that the orcas were abused comes from the way they're housed, and the testimony of the trainers.  Just because those trainers are biased doesn't necessarily mean they are liars too.  So you have to decide, do you believe them, or do you think they're lying.  I don't think they were lying, you do.  That's just a difference of opinion, not a difference in factual evidence.  

and if you believe, after looking at all the facts that sea world "abuses" animals. That's fine. if you want to join the minions that have decided to hold up signs, most who have not even looked at the information you have, screaming "shut it down" "release the orcas" (to their deaths?) that's fine, although I am not implying you are of that mindset. 

I tend to believe Sea World and I have seen enough evidence that points to Blackfish simply being a manipultive piece of work that caused knee jerk reactions.

I never one said Sea World was a "perfect" company. Even the best animal rescues make mistakes. The sad part is, any time Sea World or another large company makes an improvement, they are criticized instead of praised. Lots of other animal welfare situations we could actually be focused on but people would rather harrass and bully Sea World. To me, that is sad.

Many zoo's may portray an image of helping animals. especially endangered species but how many zoo's with a plan to reintroduce animals into the wild actually attempt this? I have seen many zoo's and I do not feel that most of them actually adapt to the needs of the animals in their care. In almost every zoo there is an animal displaying abnormal behaviours. Animals may entertain us but they are not for our entertainment. As I am against circuses, I will be against any animals used for entertainment purposes.

Having said that, I still need to watch Blackfish, just haven't had the courage quite yet.

Here's a movie to watch before blackfish



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