I was insulted and may have over reacted at a resteruant. Opinions?

Me and four other friends went to Cheddars a cafe here in town. I get my usual, chicken caesar pasta salad without the chicken. I like the caesar salad with the pasta in it. It is my favorite salad ofcourse without the chicken. My waitor gives me the salad with chicken on it. To me no big deal, so I told him I asked for no chicken. He goes are you a vegetarian? I said yes. He told me he would go make me a new one. Not even 2 mins later I get the salad back and the honey bun on a seperate plate but on my salad plate there is residue of where my honey bun has been and it looked as if they picked the chicken out. I search through my salad I find two chunks of chicken. I was mad. This was so rude it goes against my beliefs. I found this so insulting . I am not the type of vegetarian that would eat stuff with the meat just picked off. If I would have been okay with that I would have picked the meat out myself. I feel as if its already cooked in. It grosses me out. So my waitor gives me this sob story of how it is not his fault his brothers a vegan and I was cool with him because at first we all agreed not to tip the guy but then ofcourse we did since we realized it is not his fault. I demanded the salad to be taken off the bill. The manager did not even come speak with me or apoloygize but offered only a free 99 cent dessert mini through my waitor. I think I deserved  a monster cookie and an apology from the manager. If that would have happened I woould not be complaining right now. I feel like they insulted what I believe in. So I went to the Cheddar's  contact us and I started out my comment: Cheddar's is not vegetarian friendly and goes against your beliefs. Here is one of the many forums I have posted on about your disrespectful service here in *** ohio. Then I will copy and paste what I said above. Am I over reacting? I talked to my mom about it she was like I would have flipped out and made a scene. She is a meat eater but she does not like any type of bird. I don't know I am just strong when it comes to meat in or around my food.

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Dear Brenna,

You did for sure not overreact, I would even have gone further and pay no bill until the Manager came with an excuse and discount on bill. I guess with your post the Cheddars chain will not only lose you as Customer but many other Veggies ;) Greets

The problem with eating out is that there's very few places that you can trust; ie, if you eat anything that's been cooked in a fryer it's probably cooked in the same oil as meat. And we're the weird ones...

Yay for no meat. I urge you to look more closely into what you are eating, I mean besides the obvious chunks of meat. Caesar salad dressing, for example, is traditionally made with anchovies. We vegan/veggies eventually cook for ourselves more often than eat out. In general, you're safe from poisons if it's certified organic and your guaranteed a compassionate, cruelty-free environment if it is a Vegan restaurant. Even a vegetarian/vegan meal may be prepared with the same knives, utensils chopping blocks as a meat meal and thats not kosher. Play it safe, read all labels and know as much as possible what goes into your body. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit! Namaste

 - I am more intrigued by some of the responses as to what your behavior should have been after the fact.... so many people seem to be ready to jump in front of a bus to save an animal, yet have almost no compassion for our fellow human beings. Who, just like us, make mistakes.

 - also remember this in life... A person can only insult you, if you accept the insult. - Happiness is always a choice.

YOU are making assumptions-Human Rights and Animal Rights are linked and based on non prejudicial non discriminatory principles. Those who are NOT vegan are the ones lacking in  compassion for others--especially those who are suffering from hunger due to the grain and soya being fed to farmed animals for their dietary choices when it could be fed to those starving Humans..

I agree completely. Humans are no more sentient or aware of their surroundings than any other animal. We, as a species, may be able to compose sonnets, and contemplate the mathematical laws that govern our very universe, but that does not make us any more important than the worm who aerates and rejuvenates the soil, or the mouse that struggles to provide food for its offspring, or the salmon who goes through tremendous effort just to reproduce. Humans have caused nearly all of the damage to our planet, and continue to mindlessly reproduce and spread as if the world belongs to them. Humans poison the rivers and oceans and air. Excuse me if I have more respect for a rat or a tiger than for the common man.

Yep Ldev.. We can see your compassion leaking all over your posts.


 - LDev - Favorite Quote "i abhor everything in life unless it is of the utmost beauty" < is this an example of your nondiscriminatory, nonprejudicial, and compassionate way of life?

If you dont understand Art or the beauty of everything in life-thats your negative perception. Everything in life is beautiful-until its enslaved commodified and murdered by a Capitalist system. Unless you are Vegan-you are part of that killing machine

I assume I missed it, otherwise, I'm surprised no one else brought it up:

Caesar dressing (which by the name sounds like its on there) has anchovies most of the time.

And yes, I'm not one to make a scene, but I would definitely of demanded to talk to the manager and say something.  Vegetarians can get sick if they eat meat, besides the fact its against some religions as well as beliefs.  I may not be one to make a scene, but when it comes to animals and someone trying to just do the simple "just pull it off" thing, drives me nuts.

I had that happen to me once.  I asked for no bacon because I am vegetarian.  When they brought the food out, the bacon was atop the pancakes... v.v  I told them, "I'm sorry.  I'm not trying to be like this, but you have to remake this.  I'm vegetarian and bacon is very greasy and pancakes are absorbent.  This can make me sick."  Same thing happened again at another restaurant.  My fiance asked for the asparagus on a different plate so I could eat it (as he ordered a steak...).  They brought it out on the same plate.  We talked to them and explained that we couldn't just simply push it to another plate because steak is juicy, and the asparagus was just bathing in it... @.@

Most of the time people are accommodating.  But if someone tried to pull the "pull it off" thing on me, I'd be quite upset.

Oh!  And I did that "build your own burger" at Denny's since they have a vegetarian burger.  They brought it out, and I was like, "Uhm... that's real meat..."  And she's like, "No that's what they always look like."

I had done this before, plus have had plenty of veggie burgers in the past...

My fiance tried a small piece and was like, "Yup, that's beef."  We called the waitress back, and told her, no, that's real meat.  And she had them remake it.  We told her the difference in look, and she saw when she brought the second one out.


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