I was insulted and may have over reacted at a resteruant. Opinions?

Me and four other friends went to Cheddars a cafe here in town. I get my usual, chicken caesar pasta salad without the chicken. I like the caesar salad with the pasta in it. It is my favorite salad ofcourse without the chicken. My waitor gives me the salad with chicken on it. To me no big deal, so I told him I asked for no chicken. He goes are you a vegetarian? I said yes. He told me he would go make me a new one. Not even 2 mins later I get the salad back and the honey bun on a seperate plate but on my salad plate there is residue of where my honey bun has been and it looked as if they picked the chicken out. I search through my salad I find two chunks of chicken. I was mad. This was so rude it goes against my beliefs. I found this so insulting . I am not the type of vegetarian that would eat stuff with the meat just picked off. If I would have been okay with that I would have picked the meat out myself. I feel as if its already cooked in. It grosses me out. So my waitor gives me this sob story of how it is not his fault his brothers a vegan and I was cool with him because at first we all agreed not to tip the guy but then ofcourse we did since we realized it is not his fault. I demanded the salad to be taken off the bill. The manager did not even come speak with me or apoloygize but offered only a free 99 cent dessert mini through my waitor. I think I deserved  a monster cookie and an apology from the manager. If that would have happened I woould not be complaining right now. I feel like they insulted what I believe in. So I went to the Cheddar's  contact us and I started out my comment: Cheddar's is not vegetarian friendly and goes against your beliefs. Here is one of the many forums I have posted on about your disrespectful service here in *** ohio. Then I will copy and paste what I said above. Am I over reacting? I talked to my mom about it she was like I would have flipped out and made a scene. She is a meat eater but she does not like any type of bird. I don't know I am just strong when it comes to meat in or around my food.

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Oh that sucks :( I don't blame you, I wouldn't trust him either.

Thats terrible! I actually stop eating with my parents when i turned vegetarian, they wouldnt respect my choice, they even start making food mixed with meat on purpose! so i just snaped and i never eaten with them after that. Now 2 years later, they see that its a things that ill keep and respect to the point of buying tofu on purpose just for me! lol...

I probably would have been much worse. I would have told the waiter to bring me the manager or I wasn't paying for anything at all. Might even try and claim I'd sue for discrimination if they still wouldn't come out. But I DEF would make it clear if they didn't change their attitude, I wasn't coming back, and would tell all my friends. They could lose a lot of business if they act like that I think

I think the root of your reaction was being lied to, and then attempting to trick you.   The waiter said, "I will get you a new one" when in fact, he did  NOT. 

Regardless of your dietary beliefs, this was unethical.  Had he been caught lying to ANY customer regarding their order, it would be upsetting.  Truth is, you caught him.  Good for you to stand your ground, and make a statement about your beliefs.

hey thats shocking i would have flipped out......im allergic to meat (allot) and intolerant to dairy and i can end up in hospital if i have it.....i always tell them im allergic too so there extra careful ......if there bein ass holes about it then tell there ur allergic like me ..... x

That is stupid and your waiter was an idiot. I would have demanded a manager to talk to. 
Having the chicken picked out is bullshit - that can still make you sick. It was not new like he said. And If I wanted chicken on the side for instance I would have said so!
I don't give a shit if my waiters brother is vegan - fix my damn order! You should know better then! 
I would have been like I am not paying for the salad and I don't want a fucking dessert. 
The manager not talking to you about it, and then offering you a dessert instead is total bullshit.
I work in a restaurant and others I know do too, so I do understand things to a point, but that is just stupid. 
Someone commented that they work or used to work at a restaurant too, so they know some things, but honestly not all restaurants are the same with service and servers, cooks, etc. And second of all, how can you really tell someone not to go out and eat at a restaurant? I mean it is a double edge sword, but sometimes I don't want to eat at home, or I want to go out with family or friends. Shouldn't I be able to eat with them without any worries? 
I actually had a guy come into my work the other day and he said he was allergic to shell fish and pork. I said we had no shell fish/seafood and told him how we cooked things in our fryers a certain way. That way I assured him his food was not in contact with any food he was allergic to. How hard is it to tell someone what is going on? -_- 

If your only a vegetarian and not vegan-then youre a hypocrite who is over -reacting.

What an idiotic answer Ldev. I'm a strict vegetarian. I don't eat meat or anything cooked with meat. Picked out.. is NOT OK. You don't have to be vegan to live by that standard.

i agree with you tita , this is a stupid assertion to say the least, i have been lacto vegetarian for 15 years just recently turned vegan , even i had a problem eating at a place cooking meat , i would not even eat the biscuits and cakes that have egg in it ... you know certain places in India , even mc donalds (not that i would recommend anyone to eat there), they use separate sections to cook meat items and vegetarian ones,separate manpower assigned , the meat utensils are colored red and the vegetarian ones are marked green to establish full clarity, this way vegetarians are comfortable eating at these places , since they have a sort of assurance that their food will not be cooked in the same utensils and there will be no traces of any meat item,recently it happened somewhere that a non vegetarian item was served when someone ordered a vegetarian one , half way through their meal they realised it , confronted the mgmt, . felt violated , won a hefty sum in a lawsuit and the restaurant paid a fine as well .. 

I understand your point of view. I wouldn't have eaten the salad either, but sadly, people don't understand that you can't make a dish vegetarian just by removing the meat.Here's a few tips: when I go to non-veggie friendly restaurant where there's no vegan, I always call or send an email in advance to order a vegan meal and to explain what I eat and don't eat. Sometimes, I say I have allergies (even though it's not true), because they take allergy problems more seriously. I always try to stay positive and to appreciate the efforts. I've never had any problems in a restaurant since I went vegetarian 17 years ago and vegan nine months ago.

Good for you! You could have unwittingly eaten that chicken left behind. Would they have just half -heartedly fished out a dead fly from your salad,then mislead you to believe it was a fresh uncontaminated one? Cuz when you're veg and meat is near your food your food IS contaminated.

Some Vegetarians just can't spell... lol


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