I was insulted and may have over reacted at a resteruant. Opinions?

Me and four other friends went to Cheddars a cafe here in town. I get my usual, chicken caesar pasta salad without the chicken. I like the caesar salad with the pasta in it. It is my favorite salad ofcourse without the chicken. My waitor gives me the salad with chicken on it. To me no big deal, so I told him I asked for no chicken. He goes are you a vegetarian? I said yes. He told me he would go make me a new one. Not even 2 mins later I get the salad back and the honey bun on a seperate plate but on my salad plate there is residue of where my honey bun has been and it looked as if they picked the chicken out. I search through my salad I find two chunks of chicken. I was mad. This was so rude it goes against my beliefs. I found this so insulting . I am not the type of vegetarian that would eat stuff with the meat just picked off. If I would have been okay with that I would have picked the meat out myself. I feel as if its already cooked in. It grosses me out. So my waitor gives me this sob story of how it is not his fault his brothers a vegan and I was cool with him because at first we all agreed not to tip the guy but then ofcourse we did since we realized it is not his fault. I demanded the salad to be taken off the bill. The manager did not even come speak with me or apoloygize but offered only a free 99 cent dessert mini through my waitor. I think I deserved  a monster cookie and an apology from the manager. If that would have happened I woould not be complaining right now. I feel like they insulted what I believe in. So I went to the Cheddar's  contact us and I started out my comment: Cheddar's is not vegetarian friendly and goes against your beliefs. Here is one of the many forums I have posted on about your disrespectful service here in *** ohio. Then I will copy and paste what I said above. Am I over reacting? I talked to my mom about it she was like I would have flipped out and made a scene. She is a meat eater but she does not like any type of bird. I don't know I am just strong when it comes to meat in or around my food.

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Oh I went to this restaurant, and I told her if this pizza's dough had eggs in it and she assumed I was allergic to it so I didn't correct her! and She went through a lot of trouble but found me something vege I could eat!! :D she basically built my menu :D but i was glad b/c otherwise I would have never known that one of the sauces contained some animal product, i forget! :) 

Hey grammar trolls, go somewhere else. Hey Marci, put a period at the end of your sentence...just saying.... Back to what's really important. In terms of the compassion component of abstention from meat, it is our fellow humans who force their will upon defenseless, innocent animals, NOT the other way around. It is easy to feel more compassion for animals than for humans sometimes because animals are not the ones F---ing things up for the rest of us who are trying to live and help others live better. My p.o.v. is that since animals cannot defend themselves than I am on their side. I am not necessarily against humans, but quite frankly human behavior is thoughtless, wasteful and disgusting and half the stuff we discuss here is food for the choir; the ones who really need to be re-examining their ways think we're crazy so screw them...I think I have the right to feel this way. And BIG-UP Ldev! You go!!

- this is not addressed to any one person in particular... ask yourself just what your motivation for being veg is, then think about that choice very carefully. Is it due to health reasons? Are you allergic to a particular food, like shellfish for example. Or is it simply a choice to help reduce the suffering of other beings. Think carefully.....

- in this case, Brenna did not say that she was allergic to the chicken, but that if the meat product was already cooked into her meals "It grosses me out." So she sends the meal back and asks for a replacement.

- so what happens next in this case, (usually) is that a new meal is prepared. The old meal cannot be re-served and must now be thrown away. Which means good food that could have gone to others in need is now wasted. It doesn't make a difference to the chicken already in the salad, that one's already dead. By eating veg and reducing the demand for meat products in what we order does help reduce the number which needs to be killed to fill future orders, so each time we eat veg it is a compassionate choice. But allowing good food to be thrown away (if you could just "pick if off" ) seems to lack compassion on the other end, and may not be the best choice.

- Maybe next time, reorder your meal as you prefer it, but box up the one you choose not to eat and give it to a homeless person, they are not usually difficult to find near restaurants. You will get the meal you prefer and a person in need will eat today.

 - and yes, human behavior many times leaves a lot to be desired, but I find very very few people who were born and raised into being veg.... most of us were at one time just as ignorant as any other non-veg. We made changes in our choices when we gained wisdom about those choices. But as my example shows, we still do not always make the best choices.

I was in Italy and asked for a vegetarian salad. I got a salad with tuna on it. I said no vegetarian. The waiter said "But it is tuna" They do not see fish as meat. I said no fish so the salad came back still smelling of fish. I sent it back. Eventually I had a plate of lettuce thrown on the table in front of me and the waiter walked away in a huff.

Do not order a Caesar salad in Australia as it usually has bacon and anchovies. All you would get is cos lettuce and croutons.

I wonder how much rarer vegetarianism actually is in Italy...

I was forewarned that in Europe a vegetarian is usually expected to eat fish. I even asked our guide to double check with the restaurant as it was a planned meal as part of a tour. She assured me that they were aware I did not eat fish. This was out in the country. Most places in the cities had English menus. 

hmm sounds tough to get by, but then again my friend lives in italy and has her own pomegranate tree, so i'd take that!

Yum pomegranate. At home we grow a lot of our own fruit, veg and herbs. I know it is organic, no animal based fertiliser, fresh and very very yummy.

mmm! I gotta plant some herbs and veggies this spring! Dunno if I have enough room for much fruit though...that'd be awesome but we'll see

You were absolutely right! I would keep his name and refuse to sit in his station in the future.

someone may have already mentioned this, but it's highly likley that a caesar salad is not vegetraian anyway, with or without the chicken.  the caesar dressing has anchovies.  with that said, what they did is pretty gross but it is not uncommon.  it's happened to me and is the risk you take when you dine at non-vegetarian establishments.


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